January 2021

January 2021

Inside This Issue

Recovery Efforts

Keith Lemna is on a mission to restore the sacred and—with the help of Conciliar contributor Louis Bouyer—to rescue the reality behind what we say when we pray the liturgy.

2020: Revised Edition

The new year may be greeting us like a blank sheet of paper—but Christopher Carstens takes a closer look and sees 2020’s faded text still offering us lessons for 2021.

Middle-Age Crisis?

Not so, says Timothy O’Malley, who refutes a presumptive “narrative of decline” in the Mass of the Medieval Church—seeing in it, instead, a rising model for liturgy today.

To Our Best Recollection

Each collect of the Mass, according to Father Randy Stice, serves as a powerful focal point of grace and gratitude through clarity and eloquence for priest and people.

Bestselling Author—Ever!

Jeremy Priest’s review of the Ignatius Note-Taking and Journaling Bible shows why God remains as good as his Word in this deluxe edition of the ultimate bestseller.