November 2020

November 2020

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Living Holy—Wholly Living

According to Vern Steiner, the book of Leviticus is more than a catalog of laws—it’s also a nascent instruction manual on the Catholic art of living the liturgical life.


Encore! Encore!

Adoremus’s late legendary editor Helen Hull Hitchcock weighs in on the liturgical reform in this month’s editorial, reprinted as a fitting coda for our 25th anniversary.


Are You a Latin Lover?

Perhaps you should be. Father Dylan Schrader makes the case for restoring Latin to its rightful place—on everyone’s tongue—as the mater lingua of Mother Church.


Take It to the House

Father Anthony Stoeppel offers an interior view of why humans have a natural need to make a supernatural space for God—a place we can all truly call his own.


Who’s the New Priest?

If a new priest comes to your parish, says Benedictine Father Kurt Belsole, you can count on him being a man of God—and what’s more, you can count how on one hand.


Newman Revisited

In reviewing Peter Kwasniewski’s recent compilation of John Henry Newman’s liturgical writings, Jeremy Priest reveals another side of Newman—one ever ancient, ever new.

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