January 2022

January 2022

Inside This Issue

“Dem Bones, Dem Bones…”

Not only are “Dem dry bones gonna walk around,” as the old song says, but they’re also going to live out the Church’s mission which, Roland Millare says, always begins with the Eucharist.


Don’t Count Sheep, Count on 150

Whether by fingering your beads or dipping into the Psalms, according to Christopher Carstens, prayer can turn sleepless nights into a great way to greet the new day—and the New Year!


The Sequel is a Prequel

Father Aaron Williams explains how the publishing history of a recently released volume of Gregorian chant texts for the Liturgy of the Hours comes with its own adventure story.


The Big Dubia

Adoremus reprints the Vatican’s 2021 official responses to all the questions you may (or may not) have had about Traditionis Custodes.


Incoming Missal

Ignatius Press has published a new missal which reviewer Father Justin Ward sees as scoring a direct hit regarding its respect for tradition and meeting the needs of today’s Massgoers.