September 2019

September 2019

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Got Culture?

According to Father Thomas Baima, the Church does—with more than enough to transform all the compass points of human culture into historically beautiful liturgy.


Liturgy with a Kick

Kansas City Chief’s kicker Harrison Butker has one foot squarely on pigskin and, as Father Aaron Williams relates, the other set firmly on the rock of his Catholic faith.


Flocking to the Truth

Andrew Seeley and Rechina Curphey introduce the most important teacher in the classroom—Christ—as the key to success for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.


The Young and The Restless

If you dread heading to Mass with children more than a trip to the dentist for a double root canal, Father Michael Rennier has some seriously playful advice for you.


The Bugnini Enigma

No, it’s not the latest Robert Ludlum thriller—but it is, says Michael Brummond, what Yves Chiron attempts to unravel in his new bio of the Vatican liturgical reformer.

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