March 2021

March 2021

Inside This Issue

History of Mystery—Part I

Father Uwe Michael Lang tells it like it is—and was—as he embarks on the first in a series of articles chronicling the history (and mystery) of the Roman Rite Mass.

Uniquely Unique

Each Holy Week is a new opportunity to encounter Christ, but as the country recovers from COVID, Father Daniel Cardó meditates on why Holy Week 2021 is especially so.

The Safety Song

Alexis Kazimira Kutarna provides the latest info about whether the Church can safely return to the full-throated, pre-COVID liturgy as it’s supposed to be done—in song.

The Strengths of Weeks

In the West, there’s not one, not two, but three ways to celebrate Holy Week! Father Aaron Williams compares the pre-1955, 1962, and modern rites for Holy Week.

Divine Genius at Work

In Daniel William’s book Christ the Liturgy, Father Ryan T. Ruiz finds an effective corrective to the idea that liturgy is the Man Show and God better get out of the way.