March 2020

March 2020

Inside This Issue

Vision and Revision

The newly revised Order of Baptism for Children is out and, according to Father Anthony Strouse, it’s got a flood of vital insights, especially as they touch on the Eucharist.


Make Up with God

As we travel the desert days of Lent, Christopher Carstens reminds us, God’s cosmetic beauty is no mirage, but gives true meaning to our less-than-glamorous journey.


No Blood, No Glory…

The 16th-century Flemish painter Jean Bellegambe painted The Mystical Bath not to shock our senses, but to draw them to the next world. So says Denis McNamara.


Hand-to-Hand Combat

The Last Supper teaches two kinds of giving: one that leads to love and the other to betrayal—and, as John Johnson notes, it’s a lesson we must keep on learning.