Book: <em>A Devotional Journey into the Easter Mystery</em>
Mar 11, 2020

Book: A Devotional Journey into the Easter Mystery

Let prayerful participation in the Easter Mysteries bring you life, joy, and holiness!


The Church’s liturgies from Ash Wednesday through the Easter Triduum to Pentecost afford Catholics a wealth of sacramental signs and symbols. Yet many of us who yearn to enter into these liturgies have never been instructed in the meaning behind them or taught how to profit spiritually from them.

Author Christopher Carstens remedies this deficiency in A Devotional Journey into the Easter Mystery, explaining each element of the Lenten and Easter calendar so you can joyfully and intentionally enter into its liturgies with a clear head and a pure heart. You’ll discover, for example, how sacramentals such as ashes, palms, and candles reveal Christ, and how processions, kneeling, and anointing shape both your body and soul so that, over time, you will come to reflect the humble yet glorified Son of God.

Along with scores of other rich details, you’ll learn the following about these celebrations:

  • ASH WEDNESDAY: Why, as you begin your journey through Lent, you must know where Lent is leading you, liturgically and in your spiritual life.
  • LENT: How understanding liturgical time is a key to praying better in Lent.
  • PALM SUNDAY & HOLY WEEK: For these days, God has given you an arsenal of weapons to win your spiritual battles; here you’ll learn what they are — and how to use them.
  • HOLY THURSDAY: Why, on this day, you must give particular emphasis to praying for priests and serving others.
  • GOOD FRIDAY: Why thoughtful watching and prayerful listening are your primary tasks for the day.
  • HOLY SATURDAY: Why this day is the time for silent meditation, prayer, and fasting.
  • THE EASTER VIGIL: These pages show you how to enter the Vigil with eyes and heart wide open, absorbing each detail into your very soul.
  • EASTER SUNDAY: Finally, you’ll learn here how to answer the call to sanctity from God and for God, today, throughout the Easter Season, and throughout your life!


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