May 2021

May 2021

Inside This Issue

True and False “Idles”

Abbot Austin Murphy knows about redeeming time, especially during COVID—and even some idle moments (not all are created equal!) can be workshops of sanctity.

The Rise and Rise Christ

Easter’s come and gone, but don’t start rolling the credits yet! As Father Christiaan Kappas explain, the Ascension also rises as an occasion for Christ’s salvific work.

Vesting Prayers? Seams Right…

Catholic priests weave prayer into every aspect of their lives—including the vesting prayers—which, Father Michael Rennier notes, make a perfect fit in the sacristy.

Concerted Effort

A full seminary is music to any bishop’s ears—and a seminary full of music, writes Jennifer Donelson-Nowicka, will form future priests into a symphony of virtues.


In David Fagerberg’s Liturgical Mysticism, says Ronald Millare, the mysticism found in the liturgy, East and West, serves as a reliable bridge for the Church, East and West.