Sep 23, 2017

Magnum Principium: A US Perspective

Joan Desmond of the National Catholic Register interviewed Adoremus editor Chris Carstens on Pope Francis’ motu proprio Magnum Principium.  

Pope Francis expands the U.S. bishops’ role in the preparation of liturgical translations, but canonists challenge the suggestion that Rome will rubber-stamp proposed text.

WASHINGTON — Initial media reports on the release of an apostolic letter by Pope Francis touted the move to give more responsibility to bishops’ conferences as a “reversal” of his predecessors’ policies and a signal that the “decentralization” of the Roman Curia was gaining traction.

However, several U.S.-based canon lawyers contacted by the Register assert a more nuanced take on Magnum Principium, Pope Francis’ document, issued motu proprio (of the Pope’s own accord), Sept. 9. They also questioned whether its specific modification of Canon 838 would necessarily have any impact on the English-language translations that ground the celebration of the liturgy in the United States.

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Adoremus Staff