<i>Becoming God</i> with Christopher Carstens – An <i>Adoremus Bulletin</i> Podcast on the Liturgy and Divinization
Apr 12, 2024

Becoming God with Christopher Carstens – An Adoremus Bulletin Podcast on the Liturgy and Divinization

Liturgy has become the plaything of ideologues. In this new podcast, Adoremus Editor, Christopher Carstens, and host, Michael Gormley, recover the biblical meaning of the Sacred Liturgy, which is to communicate God’s own life and grace to His faithful sons and daughters. This weekly podcast, sponsored by Adoremus Bulletin, places the doctrine of Theosis or Divinization at the center of our holiness, our corporate worship, and the desire for Heaven. Fall in love with the mystery of Christ.

The inaugural episode, Into the Mystery of Christ, was recorded live at the annual SEEK conference and introduces the show’s major themes of the Gospel, salvation, sanctity, liturgy, and eternity. Chris and Michael entertain the questions, How can I know and love Christ? What is the right worship of God? and What does our union with God entail?

The second episode, Nature, Grace, and What Divinization is Not, dives into the controversy surrounding the notion of divinization today. Many fear it is “new agey,” too Hindu, a pantheist absorption into being, a Mormon distortion, or just plain wrong. Michael lines up these objections and hesitations and Chris helps to wade through the objections in order to reclaim this fundamental element of our salvation in Christ.

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