Mar 15, 2016

Book of the Chair Approved

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has approved a new liturgical book for use at the presidential chair. Excerpts from the Roman Missal: Book for Use at the Chair will, as its name suggests, contain only those texts prayed from the chair, thus shortening – and lightening – the book, a desire expressed by many priests who are assisted by young altar servers.

According to the Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship, “a typical Mass formulary will include the Entrance Antiphon, Collect, and Prayer after Communion. Appropriate musical chants will also be included, along with material for processions and ceremonies that take place at the door of the church” (December 2015 Newsletter). Following approval of the text by the Holy See, the Secretariat of the Committee on Divine Worship will permit publishers to print and sell the book.

The Editors