Apr 15, 2012

Important Notice to Readers

Online Edition:
April 2012
Vol. XVIII, No. 2

Important Notice to Readers

Beginning with the May issue of the Adoremus Bulletin, we are changing our policy for posting the online edition.

Only the News & Views and the table of contents of that issue will be immediately posted online. We will delay posting the rest of the issue online until the following month. (Continuing our present policy, the Letters – Readers Forum is not accessible online.)

If you are a current donor to Adoremus, and wish a PDF copy of the entire issue for your personal use before the articles are accessible online, you may e-mail your request to [email protected].

Please include your name and mailing address, including zip code.

(Note that the PDF version of the AB is copyrighted, and it may not be copied, posted online, or transmitted in any way.)

Thank you,
The Adoremus Staff



The Editors