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Sep 15, 2009

Table of Contents

Online Edition:
September 2009
Vol. XV, No. 6

Table of Contents

News and Views — Bishops Launch Missal Formation Web Site — and Health Care Reform Section | FCS 2009 Convention | Benefit Gala for Canons Regular of St. John Cantius | Chant Workshop for Deacons

Meeting House or Church: The Hermeneutics of Discontinuity and Reform — by Denis McNamara

What the Novus Ordo Is — and Isn’t The Council Intended Reform, Not Rupture — by Lucy E. Carroll

Book Review: Massive Misunderstandings? The Mixed Legacy of the Vatican II Liturgical Reforms by Kenneth D. Whitehead, reviewed by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Readers’ Forum — “Orans” — Again | Breviary | After Communion, Who Consumes? | Majority Vote at USCCB June Meeting? | Music at “Low”?Mass | Mass Readings for the Transfiguration | What to Do about Mass Abuses — Revisited | “And all the clergy”? | Still More on Foot Washing | Altar or Blessed Sacrament

Pope Benedict XVI: Saints Cyril and Methodius — Language and Transmitting the Faith

O CROSS of Christ, Immortal tree,
On which our Savior died,
The world is sheltered by your arms
That bore the Crucified.

O faithful Cross, you stand unmoved
While ages run their course;
Foundation of the universe,
Creation’s binding force.

Give Glory to the Risen Christ
And to His Cross give praise
The Sign of God’s unfathomed love,
The Hope of all our days.

— Hymn from the Liturgy of the Hours
The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, September 14



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