Dec 31, 2007

Table of Contents

Online Edition – Vol. III, No. 2: April 1997

Table of Contents

Mystery of the Swiss Synod Eucharistic Prayer
Procedural Ambiguities and Theological Questions Plague the Latest Optional Canon
­ by Father Jerry Pokorsky and Helen Hull Hitchcock

The State of Art and Architecture Reform
Vatican II Did Not Intend the Destruction of Churches and Altars
­ by Monsignor Richard Schuler

New Translation Guidelines Forthcoming?
Disputed Instruction on Translation of Liturgical Texts Stalls Approvel ­ A Standoff?
­ by Helen Hull Hitchcock

He Did Become Man
(Reprinted from Touchstone)
­ by Patrick Henry Reardon

Taking the Creed Personally
(Reprinted from Touchstone)
­ by David Mills

Carlow Cathedral Renovation Proceeds
­ by Richard Hough

Have We Become Liturgical Slobs?
­ by George Weigel



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