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Table of Contents

Online Edition – Vol. II, No. 1: March 1996

Table of Contents

How Shall We Proclaim the Mystery of Faith?

Bishops’ Efforts to Amend ICEL Revisions of the Order of Mass ­   Staff

Consider the Kids — How Liturgical Innovation Affects a Few Real Live Actual Children ­ Ed Peters

Confusion About Scripture Translations for Liturgical UseA Status Report Trendy Texts Cause Confusion: Can Consultations Resolve Controversy?  —  Helen Hull Hitchcock

Mater, Si. Magistra, Si. — A Response to the Latin Liturgy Assocation — Father Jerry Pokorsky

"I Shall Not Live to See Things Righted": Waugh on Liturgy -­ Evelyn Waugh

AB Readers Ask: Which Books Shall We Use?Finding Good Bibles, Missals Can Be A Challenge ­ Staff



The Editors