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Dec 31, 2007

Article G-H

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All main articles published in Adoremus Bulletin are listed, in alphabetical order by title. If the article is available online, you can click on the link to view the material. You may use the "Search" link to find a particular author, (Volume numbers turn over in March of each year.) If an article is not available online, you may request a copy of the issue in which it appeared (e-mail). Please include the title of the article, author and volume number. (Some issues are no longer available.) Due to the number of articles online we have broken down the Article Index Page, click below on the part of the alphabet you want to search.



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Gabe Huck accepts liturgists’ award to LTP, Vol. VI, No. 10, February 2001

Gestures of Worship — Relearning our Ritual Language — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XV, No. 10, February 2010

Gestures and Postures of the Congregation at MassA list of Gestures and Postures to accompany the article “Gestures for Worship — Relearning Our Ritual Language”, in this issue., Vol. XV, No. 10, February 2010

GIRM 21: An American Adaptation, Staff, Vol. 1, 4, February 1996

Give us This Day Our Daily "Supersubstantial" Bread — by Father Benjamin Reese, Vol. XIII, No. 5, July-August 2007

Glad Tidings: Chicago’s Liturgical Institute Celebrates Tenth Anniversaryby Helen Hull Hitchcock, September 2010, Vol. XVI, No. 6

Glorify God by Your Life, Evangelization and the Renewal of the Liturgyby Archbishop Charles Chaput, September 2010, Vol. XVI, No. 6

Going to Church: Catholic Custom "Plucks Us By the Sleeve" — by Thomas Howard, Vol. 1, 1, November 1995

God and Man in the New Catechism Compendium, Reflections on “Generic Man” — by Father Ralph Wright, OSB, Vol. XII, No 3, May 2006

 Godtalk in FemspeakHelen Hull Hitchcock & Susan Benofy, Vol. 5, 7
October 1999

The Good News at Holy GhostBy Joanna Bogle, Vol. XI, No. 2, April 2005

Good Nyews Bout Translayshun? — "Gullah" Version of Luke’s Gospel Raises Questions of Fidelity to Text   — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. 3, 6, September 1997

Goodbye, Father Joe and Father Mikey and Father Bob… by Karen Csengeri — Are we too chummy with our priests? What does this say about our – or his – view of the priesthood?, Vol. X, No. 1, March 2004

Gospel Readings in Lent: Who Reads What – and When, Vol. XIV, No. 1, March 2008

Gradual Progress in Recovery of Sacred Music — The Saint Louis Gradual — English Chants for the Roman Missal by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XVI, No.3, May 2010

The Greeting at Mass: A Welcome into the Very Life of God by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, Vol. XVII, No. 5, August 2011

Gregorian Chant — The Possibilities and Conditions for a Revival — by Monsignor Valentino Miserachs Grau, Vol. XI, No. 9, December 2005-January 2006

Grinding Old Axes:Women’s Ordination and Inclusive LanguageTheologians, Liturgists Occupy Common Ground of Dissent — Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. 3, 6
September 1997

Group demands revision of translation InstructionStaff, Vol. 7, 6, September 2001


Hans Kung: Vatican Rehab or Challenge to Change?by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. 4, 3, May / June 1998

Have We Become Liturgical Slobs — by George Weigel, Vol. 3, 2, April 1997

He Did Become Man — by Patrick Henry Reardon, Vol. 3, 2, April 1997

Here Comes the Bride — and There She Goes Music for Catholic Wedding Masses — by Lucy Carroll — Vol. XI, No. 8, November 2005

Heritage of Catholic Music restored to Catholic Worship The Twin Cities Catholic Chorale — "The fact is that there is a demand among Catholics, and especially young people, for beautiful ceremonies and worthy sacred music". — by Richard M. Hogan — Vol. IX, No. 4, June 2003

Hermeneutics in Everyday Life: Perspicacious Perspectives on the Problems of Interpretation, Internet Posting — Vol. 3, 5, July / August 1997

Highlights of the Liturgical Renewal Cardinal Arinze’s Address to FDLC —
The keynote address at the national convention of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC) was given October 8 by the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacrament, Cardinal Francis Arinze., by Francis Cardinal Arinze, Vol. IX, No 8, November 2003

Him, Not Hymn: Hymn-singing During Communion — by William Bentley Ball, Vol. 3, 6, September 1997

History, Harmony, Beauty Blend in Recovery of Sacred Heritage: The Renovation of Saint Joseph Cathedral — by Erik Bootsma, Vol XVII, No 6 September 2011

The History of Sacred Art and Its Evolution … and why it should be included in seminary education by Duncan G.Stroik, Vol. XIX, No. 1., March 2013

Hobgoblins Ambush ICEL, Liturgy"Conservative groups" pilloried liturgists, and American prelates used "backroom tactics" to derail liturgical reform, say former ICEL head and "progressive" weeklies — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. VIII, 6, September 2002

Holy Architect Antoni Gaudi, the Spanish architect best known for designing the as yet unfinished Church of Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) in Barcelona, has recently had his "cause" for beatification accepted by the Vatican., Vol. X, No 7, October 2004

The Holy Eucharist Unites Heaven and Earth — Address at Eucharistic Congress in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., on September, 25 2004 — by Francis Cardinal Arinze, Vol X, No 8, November 2004

Holy Father Approves Synthesis of Catechism; Cardinal Ratzinger to head Working Commission, Vol. IX, No. 2, April 2003

Holy Father Receives New Roman Missal – Revised rules for Mass now official; await adaptation, translation. *Summary of USCCB’s proposals for American adaptations to the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani. — By Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. VIII, 2, April 2002

Holy See amends IGMR kneeling after the Agnus Dei "laudably retained", Vol. VIII, No. 3, May 2002

Holy See Approves First New Texts for Order of Mass for the US — Accuracy assured; Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship launches "formation" resource on web — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XIV, No. 6, September 2008

Holy See issues Notification on women as ordained deacons from Vatican Information Service, Vol. VII, 7, October 2001

Holy See’s Observations on ICEL English-language Translation of the Roman Missal, Vol.VIII, No.4, June 2002

Holy See: People May Kneel After They Receive Holy Communion: GIRM rules on posture of the faithful should not be"regulated so rigidly", Vol. IX, No. 5, July-August 2003

Holy See Sends Message on ICEL – "Sacramentary" project deemed a dud – ends decade of debate / Attached is a copy of Cardinal Medina Estévez’s letter to Bishop Gregory — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol.VIII, No.4, June 2002

Holy Smoke — The Use of Incense in the Catholic Church — by Matthew D. Herrera, Vol. XVII, No. 10, February 2012

Holy Week at Monreale — Foundation for Liturgical Piety — by Fr. Romano Guardini, Vol. XII, No. 3, May 2006

Homily at the Mass for the Election of the Roman Pontiff — St. Peter’s Basilica – April 18, 2005 — Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Vol. XI, No. 3, May 2005

The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die without being Baptized, Vol. XIII, No. 3, May 2007

How can we restore Gregorian Chant to "pride of place" — "Chant is eminently suitable for the sacred Liturgy because it is sacred in nature." — by Lucy Carroll, Vol. X, No. 6, September 2004

How did the abuses get started? — Selected quotes from the past on specific problems raised in Redemptionis Sacramentum, Vol X, No 5, July-August 2004

"How Great Thou Aren’t"? A lament on new church buildingsby Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XI, No. 1, March 2005

HOW "INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE" CAME TO THE LITURGYby Kenneth D. Whitehead, Vol. 4,2, April 1998

How Shall We Proclaim the Mystery of Faith?, Bishops’ Efforts to Amend ICEL Revisions — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. 2, 1, March 1996

How Shall We Proclaim the Mystery of Faith?Bishops’ Efforts to Amend ICEL Revisions — by Helen Hull Hitchcock — Vol. 2, 1, March 1996

How should we proclaim the Good News to those who cannot hear?by Joseph Tevington, Vol. 6, 1, March 2000

How to address Church Officials, Bishops, Priests, Vol. XV, No 5, August 2009

How to Address a Liturgical Abuse, Challenging Liturgical Practices While Respecting Authority  — by Lou Bruno, Vol. 1, 2, December 1995

How to Form a Choir: In Ten Easy and Not-so-easy Lessons — by Lucy Carroll, Vol. XI, No. 10, February 2006

How To Give Communion to 100,000, Vol. 5, 1, March 1999

How to Heal the Liturgy to the Roots — Reviewed by Father Elias Carr — A Book Review of A Pope and a Council on the Sacred Liturgy by Aidan Nichols, OP, Vol. IX, No. 1, March 2003

How We Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Monastery by Lucy Carroll, Vol. XIII, No. 9December 2007 – January 2008

A Hymn for LentNunc tempus acceptabile, Vol. XII, No. 1, March 2006

Hymn Tune PropersA First Step toward Singing the Propers of the Mass — by Kathleen Pluth, Vol. XIX, No. 4, June-July 2013

Hymns, Hymnals, Composers and Choir Schools: Philadelphia’s Historic Contributions to Catholic Liturgical Music — by Lucy Carroll, Vol. X, No. 4, June 2004


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