Table of Contents
Sep 15, 2006

Table of Contents

Online Edition – September 2006
Vol. XII, No. 6

Table of Contents

St. Michael Prayer Cards still available in English and Spanish.

News & Views — Vox Clara Meets on Mass Translations

Pope Benedict XVI and the Liturgical Reform — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Psallité– Another Collection of Psalms and Antiphons — by Susan Benofy

We do Need Holy Days — What message is sent when Bishops move (or remove) Holy Days from the Church calendar? — by Joanna Bogle

Readers’ Forum:September 2006 — "Jazz Riffs" and "Mantras" | "Proclamation"? | Crucifix | The Bible in the Breviary? | What "Precious Chalice" Means | What the Bishops Said | Can the only tabernacle be in a chapel outside the church building?

Music for Catholic Funerals — or, But Uncle Horace Loved that Song! — by Lucy E. Carroll



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