Sep 15, 2004

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– September 2004

Vol. X No. 6

Table of Contents

News & ViewsPope Confers Knighthood on UN General Assembly President Hunte| Life Teen’s Liturgical Reform | Music Congress Observes 14th Centenary of Pope Saint Gregory the Great | Beauty Not "user -friendly"? | Women Religious Sponsor Eucharistic Congress | Pope to New Bishops:"Defend the hope of the faithful"

Deconstructing Discipline: Inventing New Ways to Resist the "New Era of Liturgical Reform"The reaction of the progressives to the new instruction [Redemptionis Sacramentum] was mostly silence, or comments that it contained nothing new. Yet there is a steadfast resistance to implementing RS, along with an attempt to justify the existing practices that it prohibits." — by Susan Benofy

How can we restore Gregorian Chant to "pride of place" — "Chant is eminently suitable for the sacred Liturgy because it is sacred in nature." — by Lucy Carroll

Universa Laus: "Music in Christian Liturgies II" "A new statement on music from Universa Laus — an ‘international study group on singing and instrumental music in Liturgy’ — was published this spring…" — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

The Bread We Offer: Reflections on the significance of the bread we use for Mass — "Many Catholics have asked about the Church’s requirements for the bread intended for use at Mass." — by Father Brian Van Hove, SJ

Communion Bread and Celiac Disease — "Reports about people with celiac disease receiving Communion inspired a flurry of news stories in the United States and Australia this summer." — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Readers’ Forum — September 2004 — Legal Marriage? | Musical Irony | "Theological egotism" | Helpful Articles | More on "Debts" and Trespasses" | Clarifying When to Stand | Spiritual Director or Confessor? | Genuflection Question | Laity Abuses | "Adoremus"? | Kneeling (East & West) | A New Wind … | Gluten-Free Hosts | Extraordinary Ministers Giving Blessings | Liturgical Abuses | Theology – and Donations | Dürer Cover Sacrilegious? | EMs on the Altar



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