Sep 15, 2001

Adoremus dedicates the September issue to seminarians

Online Edition – Vol. VII, No. 6: September 2001

Adoremus dedicates the September issue to seminarians

Table of Contents 

Buried Treasure — Sacred Music and the Twentieth-century Liturgical Reform Part V – Conclusion — by Susan Benofy, PDF version of all 5 parts

Group demands revision of translation Instruction Board members of the Catholic Biblical Association fault Liturgiam Authenticam in statement to US bishops. — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Courting Reverence Why has the courtroom retained the reverence the Mass has lost? — by Father Paul Scalia

A Musical Shock Have we exchanged one style of music unsuitable for worship for another as bad or worse? — by Allen Brings

"New Direction" for Chicago liturgical publishing firm Paulist Press Marketing Director to replace Gabe Huck at LTP

Are Icons Catholic? Letter exchange: An Orthodox challenge and Catholic response

Bishop’s ordination models richness of the Novus Ordoby James Hitchcock

Sacrament of Salt Reflection on the meaning of Holy Orders — by Sean Kinsella

"A Musical Offering" Pontifical Institute for Sacred Music – sounds on web.

Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament for the Increase of Priestly and Religious Vocations – St. Louis Archbishop Justin Rigali



Susan Benofy

Susan Benofy received her doctorate in physics from Saint Louis University. She was formerly Research Editor of Adoremus Bulletin.