Mar 15, 2001

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– Vol. VII, No. 1: March 2001

Table of Contents

Buried Treasure

– Can the Church recover her musical birthright? —

by Susan Benofy

Part I of a new series on Church music in the 20th Century liturgical reform, the effort to recover Gregorian Chant and encourage active participation by the congregation through music. Part I begins with Pope St. Pius X and ends just before the Second Vatican Council., PDF version of all 5 parts

Actions of the Holy See on Liturgy and Sacred Music

­ 1903-1974 – Chronology —

A list of key 20th century documents on Church Music.

New Covenant Pattern of Prayer

an excerpt from

Catholics and the Eucharist


by Steven B. Clark

Questions and Answers on the Eucharist

— The Pennsylvania Bishops


Summa time, when the readin’ ain’t easy | Chant leads to fervent Masses, Pope says | Avoid superficiality in church design | The Cardinal Surprises | USCCB Statutes approved | Nun loses job at Jesuit Urban Center



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