Nov 15, 1997

Online Edition – Vol. III, No. 8: November 1997

Table of Contents

Are Holy Days Still Holy? — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

An Architecture to Honor the Church’s Visionby Thomas Gordon Smith

Adoremus Statement on Cardinal Mahony’s "Gather Faithfully Together"

At Last: The Truth Hits Home!Scripture scholar concedes translators are under "great pressure" from special interest groups.

Where Has All the Qumran Gone?

News Notes: Pope to Swiss Bishops: Obey Magisterium, Norms; Teach, Teach, Teach; Dominicans ICELated. Who’s Next?; Sister Judy Mass?; Retrospective on Scripture Revisions; A Dutch Treat?



Our goal is to honor and to foster a greater understanding of the rich liturgical traditions of the Catholic Church, and to answer the most important questions in the matters of faith.

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