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The Eucharist, Sacrifice Banquet of the New Covenant

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Adoremus Bulletin - September 2016 Issue

Cardinal Sarah address to "Sacra Liturgia UK 2016"
"Towards an Authentic Implementation of Sacrosanctum Concilium"

The Holy Eucharist Booklets

We offer two printing formats for this booklet, which you may feel free to print for personal, small group, or parish use. For all other uses, please contact us.

The first option is a one-page format, which is designed to fit on US letter-size paper for ease of printing.

Eucharistic Adoration single pages

The second option includes two files — a booklet cover and interior. This option is designed to fit on 8”x”11 paper in half-fold booklet format. You may need to adjust your print settings for this to fit on the page properly; we had success using the “Actual size” printing option from Adobe Acrobat reader.

Eucharistic Adoration cover
Eucharistic Adoration booklet interior

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