Meet the Adoremus Publishing Team
Nov 25, 2020

Meet the Adoremus Publishing Team

Our longtime readers will be familiar with the names Helen Hull Hitchcock, Father Jerry Pokorsky, and Father Joseph Fessio, SJ. This founding trio, along with the Adoremus Board, numerous authors, and countless donors, launched Adoremus 25 years ago as an instrument of orthodox, faithful liturgical renewal. Today’s publishing team is grateful to carry on this important work. Meet the eight people that work to bring you today’s Adoremus Bulletin.

Christopher Carstens has been editor and publisher of the Adoremus Bulletin since 2015, following the death of Helen Hull Hitchcock. He serves full-time as Director of the Office for Sacred Worship in the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, a position he’s held since 1998, and is a visiting faculty member at the Liturgical Institute in Mundelein, Illinois. “There are few more rewarding things than helping priests and ministers celebrate the liturgy beautifully,” says Mr. Carstens, “as well as leading the faithful to pray more fruitfully, which is why Adoremus’s work is so valuable.” He and his wife, Marguerite, live in southwest Wisconsin; they have eight children.

Joseph O’Brien is the managing editor of Adoremus Bulletin and works as a freelance writer, contributing to such publications as the National Catholic Register and Columbia Magazine (Knights of Columbus). He attended Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula, California, and graduated from the University of Dallas, Irving, Texas, with a BA and MA in English. “The opportunity to put my editing and writing skills to work for the Church, especially in the promotion of good liturgy, has been a great experience—and has allowed me to learn more about the liturgy in my work for Adoremus,” Mr. O’Brien says. He and his wife, Cecilia, have nine children. Their oldest son, Seamus, is studying in his first year at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in Denton, Nebraska.

Danelle Bjornson has worked in the graphic and web design industry for more than 21 years and currently serves as full-time creative manager for the Diocese of La Crosse. She creates website and other digital designs for her church and often as a freelancer. She and her husband, Ty, live in rural Wisconsin near the scenic Mississippi River with their two children. Between managing “two littles,” serving as Den Mother for a local Cub Scouts den, and volunteering for her church, she enjoys reading history books with a little bit of drama, as well as having a good brew. “I love my job and being able to communicate the beauty of God’s message using graphic design elements,” says Ms. Bjornson. “There is nothing more rewarding than spreading God’s message and growing in the Word.”

Jesse Weiler, who serves as Adoremus’s social media manager, is the Director of the Liturgical Institute in Mundelein, Illinois, where he began as the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications in 2015. Mr. Weiler has spent the better part of five years creating digital content aimed at liturgical renewal across the globe, including the award-winning podcast, The Liturgy Guys. “As we see all of the pain and suffering throughout the world today, we must always remember that the principle way to provide healing is through the sacred liturgy. It has been a source of pride for me to share in this mission with Adoremus Bulletin,” says Mr. Weiler. He lives in Libertyville, Illinois, with his wife, Kim, and their three children, Agnes, Isaac, and Azalia.

Matt Korger has been a technical consultant for Adoremus since 2015. At his day job, he is a software engineer for a large German software company with a small office in La Crosse, Wisconsin. In his spare time, he enjoys following sports and running; he only recently retired from playing as a long-time member of a local softball team. He has served in his local chapter of Una Voce by helping to sponsor Latin Mass events, training altar servers, and—on his better days—singing in schola. Mr. Korger considers among his primary duties that of a father and husband, chasing after seven children, with his wife Hollie.

Eugene Diamond works closely with the editors and staff at Adoremus in the areas of marketing and fundraising. He also serves as a Managing Consultant and the Director of Client Engagement for American Philanthropic, a nonprofit strategic consulting and services firm. “As Cardinal Robert Sarah has written so forcefully, the liturgy is ‘the space par excellence where Catholics should experience unity in truth, in faith, and in love,’” says Mr. Diamond. “At its heart Adoremus is always endeavoring to make us aware of the beauty and unity of the liturgy, and it’s an honor to play a role in carrying out the organization’s noble mission.” Mr. Diamond lives in the Kansas City, Missouri, area with his wife, Colleen, and their six children.

Elizabeth Gallagher has been office manager of the Adoremus Bulletin since 2015. She is a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California. Before taking on her role as wife and mother, she taught grade school and high school, and worked as annual appeal coordinator for the Diocese of La Crosse. She works from home and homeschools her children. “Passing on the faith is central to my role as a mother, and authentic and beautiful liturgy is key to evangelization. I truly enjoy the contact that I have with our subscribers,” she says. Ms. Gallagher, her husband, Michael, and their six children live in southern Wisconsin.

Jeremy Priest has been content editor for Adoremus Bulletin since 2018. He serves as the Chair of the Department of Discipleship Formation and Director of the Office of Worship for the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan. He holds an STL from the Liturgical Institute of the University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, Illinois, and has taught undergraduate courses in Scripture and Ecclesiology. “Helping people experience the Mass as the renewal of the covenant, as the overlapping and interlocking of heaven and earth, is an experience of joy for me, and I rejoice whenever I get an opportunity to do that,” Mr. Priest says. “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work for the renewal of the Sacred Liturgy.” He and his wife, Genevieve, have three children and live in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

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