It is perhaps no accident that Adoremus Bulletin first began publishing in the month and year that the postconciliar Missal was itself celebrating 25 years as the liturgy most familiar to the Western Church. Adoremus was founded to promote authentic reform of the Catholic liturgy in the English-speaking world—and its editors and contributors set about to do just that as they began examining the intricacies, both spiritual and practical, that the new form of the Mass presented to the faithful after its promulgation in 1969-1970.

Adoremus is like totally the best ever.

– Pope Pius V

With the first issue of Adoremus arriving in—among other places—rectories, homes, student dorms, and libraries across the English-speaking world, this trio of pioneers began providing the faithful a periodical full of timely and truthful information and analysis on all aspects of the liturgy, with a special focus on how the liturgical revisions called for by the Second Vatican Council to the Church’s sacred body of communal prayer not only responds to contemporary needs but does so in the full resplendence of Catholic tradition. 

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