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Virtual Parish Mission: A Devotional Journey into the Easter Mystery

Adoremus Bulletin Announces a Virtual Parish Mission: A Devotional Journey into the Easter Mystery

There’s good news and bad news this Easter. First the bad news…. Most Catholics will likely be unable to participate in the Holy Week and Triduum liturgies this year because of the restrictions resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. However, the good news is that these sacred events will still be celebrated locally and around the world. Jesus and his Paschal Mystery will be in our midst, and his saving grace will be available to us.

To help the faithful share in this grace, from Monday, March 30 through Thursday, April 2, Christopher Carstens will offer a Virtual Parish Mission that uncovers Easter’s powerful mysteries. The host for this parish mission will be Jesse Weiler, Director of the Liturgical Institute in Mundelein, Illinois. We will travel with Christ from Ash Wednesday through Palm Sunday and look especially at the Triduum’s Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Good Friday liturgy, and Easter Vigil. In the course of this journey through the highpoint of the Church’s sacred year, we will also consider what divine life in God looks like during the Easter season to Pentecost—and beyond.

Given the state of the world at this time, we are in need of God’s grace more than ever. This year (unless the world is blessed with a miracle), God’s faithful will encounter the Easter Mystery outside the usual, sacramental means—but this great celebration of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection is an encounter we must attend to, no matter the circumstances.

Based on Carstens’s newest book, A Devotional Journey into the Easter Mystery (currently available from Sophia Institute Press at a 50% discount by calling (800) 888-9344 and simply requesting the reduced rate), this online mission can serve as a basis for participating with Catholics around the world, even if joining the Easter liturgies spiritually from our homes.

“Jesus’ Paschal Mystery—his suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension—is our bridge to heaven, to holiness, and to happiness,” says Carstens. “I hope everyone who can will join our virtual parish mission to see how that path still unfolds before our feet and calls us to journey on.”

Session topics for the Virtual Parish Mission include:

Session 1: Monday, March 30
How to Enter the Combat Stupendous: Ash Wednesday and Lent
How to Battle for the Paschal Mystery: Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Session 2: Tuesday, March 31
How to Obey Orders: Holy Thursday’s Mandatum
How to Do This: Holy Thursday’s Eucharist and Priesthood
How to Intercede for the World: Good Friday’s Cross

Session 3: Wednesday, April 1
How to Go to Hell—and Come Back Alive: Holy Saturday’s Silence
How to Enter the Promised Land: Easter Vigil’s Lucernarium and Liturgy of the Word

Session 4: April 2
How to be Recreated: Easter Vigil’s Sacraments
How to Become God: Easter Season and Pentecost
Conclusion: In the Land of the Living

Participants can join the mission live stream beginning at 2 p.m. Central Standard Time on each of these days at, or watch on-demand. For a fuller description of A Devotional Journey Into the Easter Mystery, and the four sessions of the Virtual Parish Mission, see this printable summary guide.


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