Jul 8, 2019

Society for Catholic Liturgy 2019 Conference: September 26-28

Say to someone, “The family that prays together…,” and likely that person will be able to finish the adage without blinking an eye: “…stays together!”

First made famous by the Rosary Priest, Father Patrick Peyton (1909-1992), this familiar old saw may have become somewhat cliché, but the sentiment behind it is anything but—at least as far as the Society for Catholic Liturgy is concerned. “The Sacred Liturgy and the Family” is this year’s theme for the Society’s annual conference, to be held Sept. 26-28 in Providence, RI, at the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul and Providence College.

The three-day conference features Dr. Timothy O’Malley, director of the McGrath Institute for Church Life, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, and Dr. Robert Fastiggi, professor of Systematic Theology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI. O’Malley and Fastiggi will provide respective keynote addresses at the opening and closing of the conference.

The Society for Catholic Liturgy was founded in 1995 as “a multidisciplinary association of Catholics scholars, teachers, pastors and professionals—including architects and musicians—in the Anglophone world,” according to the Society’s website, and “is committed to promoting scholarly study and practical renewal of the Church’s liturgy.”

For more information about the conference or to register, visit: www.liturgysociety.org. Deadline for registration is September 16.

The Editors