Jul 13, 2018

Adoremus Launches New Monthly E-mail Newsletter

Adoremus is pleased to present its first electronic newsletter—AB Insight.

Why did we name our new venture Insight? Well, if seeing is believing, we want to make sure you have the best view into the liturgy.

As a Bulletin reader, you already know that right there in front of us at every Mass and every celebration of the sacraments we attend is a treasure to behold! But let’s face it, as you also know, to encounter these—the Church’s greatest prayers—to the fullest, sometimes our eyes, our hearts, and our minds need assistance to see those prayers the way the Church does. That’s where AB Insight comes in.

The glorious Christ lives among us today—and in a most magnificent manner he lives and breathes—and speaks—in the liturgy and the sacraments. Are we always hearing him, though? The Fathers of the Second Vatican Council taught that ceremonial details are necessary, but “something more is required” so that “the faithful take part fully aware of what they are doing, actively engaged in the rite, and enriched by its effects.”

After more than 20 years of bringing Adoremus Bulletin to you, we like to think we have a good grasp on the Catholic liturgy—and we want to share more of that grasp—more of that insight—with our readers. We want to supplement the bimonthly source of liturgical news that comes with each issue of Adoremus Bulletin—and we want those insights to flow ever more generously to our readers. Therefore, we think AB Insight, arriving monthly in your email inbox, is the right name for the job.

And your pocketbook will be pleased to know that AB Insight is coming to you as part of your regular contribution at no additional cost!

Like all good things, too, AB Insight is meant to be shared. So after you receive your first issue of our newest news and views on Catholic liturgy, consider passing AB Insight along to others who might similarly benefit from its penetrating and comprehensive offerings on all things liturgical. And as always, thank you for your support of Adoremus!

To receive AB Insight, as well as an electronic version of future issues of Adoremus Bulletin, visit www.adoremus.org.

The Editors