Fresh Takes on Liturgical Theology
Apr 24, 2018

Fresh Takes on Liturgical Theology

David Fagerberg, Professor of Liturgical Studies at Notre Dame, is a teacher and thinker unlike any other today in the liturgical field. His treatment of liturgy makes one pause, think, and delight in seeing something so close appear in a different and remarkable light. For example, have you ever thought of liturgy in this way?

Suppose that liturgy puts a light into our eyes by which we can see. Suppose it is the light of Mount Tabor illuminating creation so that its truth, beauty, and goodness glorifies God. And suppose having a theological eye means seeing by this light. If all this is so, then Mrs. Murphy is a theologian not for having attended academic courses to learn scholarly jargon: she is a liturgical theologian for having this charismatic sight by which to see matter, persons, hearts, and history.

Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, liturgists

Are you a “Mrs. Murphy,” a baptized liturgical theologian who sees a redeemed world through liturgical lenses? Would you like to be?

Catholic World Report has published an interview with Dr. Fagerberg on the occasion of his new book on Orthodox theologian, Alexander Schmemann (d.1983), a key influence on Fagerberg’s own way of seeing things liturgical. Read the interview here.