Jan 14, 2018

Liturgist Priest Romano Guardini’s Cause Opened

An inspiration to popes and a central figure in Catholic liturgical reform of the 20th century, Father Romano Guardini will be examined formally for beatification. On December 16, this German priest’s cause was opened with Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Munich. The cause of German resistance fighter against the Nazis, Fritz Michaeal Gerlich, was also opened at this time.

According to the Oct. 24 issue of the Catholic Herald of London, Father Guardini was “one of the most important theologians of the 20th century. His work The Spirit of the Liturgy was a major influence on the Liturgical Movement, and he became a key thinker for the council fathers at the Second Vatican Council.”

Quoted by the Herald, Pope Francis said he is “convinced that Guardini is a thinker who has much to say to the people of our time, and not only the Christians.”

Also quoted by the Herald, Pope Benedict XVI referred to Guardini as “a great figure, a Christian interpreter of the world of his own time.” The pope emeritus’s book, The Spirit of the Liturgy, was inspired in name and content by Guardini’s 1918 work.

The Editors