Letters to Editor
May 17, 2017

Letters to Editor


Thank you for continuing to publish Adoremus!

Miriam Dapra, Hartville, NY

Good Answer(s)!

Thank you—I miss the instructive Question-and-Answer of old days. I have learned so much in the radical days of my Church work (I’m 90 years) from your practical examples, things that help me.

Ms. Vivian Freeh, Tucson, AZ

Heaven and Helen

Than you, thank you, thank you for continuing to publish Adoremus. Helen is up there rooting for you!

God bless,
Carole Martens, Fenton, MO

Don’t Stop the Presses!

Here’s a contribution toward your work. I enjoy getting your Bulletin—please keep it coming.

Yours in Christ,

Mary Rose Brandt, Silverton, OR

Tempus Fugit…

Dear, dear Adoremus Publishers—

For many years I had ordered, received, read and paid for your beautiful Adoremus. I loved it. I believe I still have a ton of them saved just in case I would find time to go back. (That never seems to happen, unfortunately.) Time is flying by!

Well, with moving, many surgeries, and again, time flying by, I still received your paper—but stopped supporting because of retirement and limited income. I expected you would cut me off as a dead branch—but NO—you are still sending your very valuable, faith filled, truly Catholic publication.

Much appreciated. My eternal gratitude.
Pat Templeton, Chisholm MN

Ad Gloriam Dei!

Dear Adoremus,

I immensely enjoy reading the Adoremus Bulletin and firmly believe in the good work that is does. Thank you for all the hard work you all do for the glory of God and the true renewal of the Sacred Liturgy.

With my prayers and heartfelt support,

Father Daniel J. Sedlacek
Marshfield, WI

The Editors