CMAA Chant Intensive
May 11, 2017

CMAA Chant Intensive

June 26–30, 2017
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
Offered by the Church Music Association of America (CMAA)
Taught by Dr. Jennifer Donelson, Director of Sacred Music, St. Joseph’s Seminary

The Chant Intensive lives up to its name: though no previous experience with chant is required, beginners and intermediate chanters should be prepared for full immersion from the start. You will learn or review how to read and fully navigate all aspects of traditional Gregorian notation (square notes), as well as an introduction to chironomy (directing chant) with a masterful teacher.
The course will also address correct Latin pronunciation, the sound and mystery of the eight Church modes, Psalm tones and their applications, questions concerning the rhythm of plainsong, and more. Compline will be sung to allow participants to experience the beauty of a portion of the sung Divine Office. Gregorian repertoire will be used for Divine Office and Mass.

The CMAA Summer Chant Intensive is intended for beginning and continuing students and all who love and appreciate the central role that chant plays as the prayerful song of the Roman Rite–not only at cathedrals and basilicas but in any parish. The conference will inspire and prepare participants to continue the renaissance of sacred music in our time, in both the ordinary and extraordinary forms of the Mass. In the years since the first CMAA Chant Intensive course was taught in 2008, hundreds of students have benefited from this in-depth course in Gregorian chant.

This summer’s course will be taught by instructor Dr. Jennifer Donelson in one section including men and women.

The course schedule is available here.

Tuition, room, and board options and pricing information for the CMAA Chant Intensive are available at the button above. The registration deadline for regular tuition rates is May 31st.


Adoremus Staff