Jan 12, 2017

Letters to Editor

All in for Gregorian

I really wish you did not focus so much on music. As far as I’m concerned if it’s not Gregorian Chant it’s a huge distraction for me from the beauty of the Mass. When it’s silent I can hear the Holy Spirit whisper to me. Mass is so very noisy it’s a torture. Glad to read about kneeling. I had a knee replacement in June & causes me great pain but I still kneel.

H. Paulus

Let’s Hear from the World

I am thankful for the Adoremus Bulletin.

Enclosed please find my renewal donation for 2017, plus additional for prison ministry requests and needy overseas underfunded requests, etc.  Please try to expand your Readers’ page to include more little notes or excerpts from letters, etc. as I do enjoy “hearing” from far flung places and diverse people that are enjoying and learning about our faith from the Adoremus Bulletin.

Ms. Maria Gloria

Sri Lanka Calling

I am a Catholic priest and Benedictine monk from Sri Lanka. Our Monastery would like to get a subscription of the Adoremus Bulletin. Please let me know how best we can do it.

Father Shamindra Jayawardena OSB

Conventual Prior

St. Sylvester’s Monastery,
Kandy, Sri Lanka

Adoremus’s editor Christopher Carstens sent Father Shamindra word that his community has received a subscription to Adoremus Bulletin. Father Shamindra’s response is printed below.

Sri Lanka Calling Back

Let me thank you for your gracious offer of sending us the Adoremus magazine. My monastic community and I would keep all of you in our prayers. This magazine will certainly help us as we monks are supposed to give our best to the sacred liturgy. Thanks for your good will and generosity. We look forward to the January issue. Actually, I came across the magazine while browsing the net for articles on liturgy.

God bless you.

Father Shamindra Jayawardena OSB

Something Beautiful for God

Our dear Friends,

We are grateful for the Adoremus Bulletin which has so many good articles, and we are grateful for your loving efforts to educate the faithful on the importance of beautiful liturgy.

Mother Mary Angela
Poor Clare Monastery
Roswell, NM

The Editors