The Beating Heart of a Liturgical Life
Dec 13, 2016

The Beating Heart of a Liturgical Life

“Adoration,” from which Adoremus takes its name, means literally turning “mouth to mouth” with God. Let Adoremus Bulletin breathe new life into your own liturgical prayer today.

At every Sunday Mass you can hear the heart of Christ, see the face of Christ, and experience the love of Christ. And at the end of Mass, when the last blessing is imparted, the last hymn sung, the last silent prayer of thanksgiving said, we take that heart with us, out into the world to live a life transformed.

The liturgy is the source and summit of the Christian life because the liturgy is the work of Christ the High Priest.

But are we getting the most out of our experience of the liturgy? Do we find, as Pope Benedict XVI says, that the liturgy is the “animating center of the Church, the very center of Christian life”?

Perhaps it’s time to get centered.

Perhaps it’s time to get the Adoremus Bulletin.

Since the time that Adoremus Bulletin first began to publish in 1995, it sought to present the Church’s mind, heart, and soul on what the liturgy is in all its radiant truth, all its faithful goodness, and all its joyful beauty.

The world has changed tremendously in 20 years, and yet the liturgy remains “ever ancient, ever new,” a celebration for all seasons.

Let Adoremus be a part of that celebration.

Why? Because Adoremus knows the liturgy—and it knows the power and purpose of the liturgy. After all, the main goal of the liturgy is part of our name—to “adore” Christ. Adoremus provides readers a guide to celebrating the Catholic liturgy in its:

– historical and organic continuity from age to age to our own time
– pastoral application for clergy, religious, and laity
– artistic expression of the Church’s sacramental rites

At the same time, Adoremus helps the faithful learn the proper and most effective ways to adore Christ in worship by providing:

– scholarly yet readable essays and instructions on the liturgical rites
– uplifting feature stories which show how the power of the liturgy helps individuals discover and strengthen their faith
– the latest news from Rome and from around the world on issues affecting the liturgy

Finally, Adoremus leads its readers back into the world to help transform it through works of service with:

– correspondence from around the world on how the liturgy is making a difference in the lives of readers today
– reprints of writings of the saints, popes, and doctors of the Church to inform concrete application of the liturgy

“In short,” as Adoremus’s editor Christopher Carstens says, Adoremus’s apostolate “includes our head’s knowledge, our heart’s love, and our hands’ service. Is this not what we were made for—knowing, loving, and serving God? Adoremus touches each of these liturgical dimensions.”

“What was visible in our Savior has passed over into his sacraments.” So says Pope Leo the Great.

Let Adoremus help you see the Savior ever more clearly, ever more faithfully, ever more fruitfully.

Let Adoremus be your go-to guide for making the Church’s liturgy the beating heart of your Catholic faith.

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