Dec 28, 2016

Adoremus Bulletin archives on Biblical and Liturgical Translation

Follow the tortuous trail of the issues surrounding the translation of the Roman Missal into English, Scripture revisions, and other matters of liturgical translation. One of the Adoremus Bulletin‘s from our very first issue in November 1995, the coverage below is truly unmatched by any other publication. (Articles are listed from the most recently published backwards.) See Documents page for official documents on liturgical translation.

Translating Sacred Texts for Catholic Worship

US Bishops Roman Missal site

Liturgy of the Hours documentsLaudis Canticum, Apostolic Constitution promulgating the revised book of the Liturgy of the Hours, Pope Paul VI, November 1, 1970  | Decree promulgating the revised Liturgy of the Hours , The Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship Decree, April 11,1971, Arthur Cardinal Tabera, Prefect, A. Bugnini, Secretary | General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours, Congregation for Divine Worship, February 2, 1971

Nova Vulgata (“Neo-Vulgate” Bible), with apostolic constitution of Pope John Paul II, April 25, 1979, Vatican web site.

In April of 2002, Pope John Paul II established the Vox Clara Committee to assist and advise the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments in fulfilling its responsibilities with regard to the English translations of liturgical texts. Click link to see Pope John Paul II’s message establishing Vox Clara. More information about the committee and all press releases go to Vox Clara Press Release.

Roman Missal Translation Highlights-1963-2011

The Bishop’s Committee on Divine Worship has the texts of the Mass and resources on a special section of the USCCB web site. (Link –

The 2010 edition of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) USCCB web site:


The Work of ICEL: Liturgical Translation and Education by Monsignor Andrew Wadsworth,

Vol. XX, No. 6, September 2014

To the Man Born Blind: The Light of Christ, The Light of Faith by Helen Hull Hitchcock

, Vol. XX, No. 2, April 2014

The Fear of the Lord,

A Biblical Understanding, by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, Vol. XX, No. 2, April 2014

Liturgical Translations and Two Instructions in Perspective by Cardinal George Pell, Vol. XX, No. 1, March 2014

Inspiration and Truth in the Scripture — Pope Francis address Pontifical Biblical Commission on the unbreakable unity bewtween Scripture and Tradition, Vol. XIX, No. 3, May 2013

Fifty years after the opening of the Second Vatican Council…. Sacrosanctum Concilium: What we have done, what we have failed to do — by Monsignor Andrew Wadsworth,

Vol. XVIII, No. 9, December 2012-January 2013

Sacred Liturgy: Uniting our Hearts and Voices to God — Pope Benedict XVI, Wednesday Audience, September 26, 2012 – November 2012

Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI on the Hermeneutic of Reform — by Susan Benofy — November 2012

Scripture and the New Evangelization: A Review of the Recent History of Vernacular Bibles, Lectionary — by Helen Hull Hitchcock — November 2012

Chronology: Bible Translation, US LectionariesNovember 2012

New Words in the New Translation and why we need to understand their deeper meaning – by Bishop Peter J. Elliott, October 2012

Survey on the New Missal Translation – Responses show more work is needed to restore reverence, beauty – by Helen Hull Hitchcock, October 2012

First Liturgical Texts for Ordinariates Approved — For Weddings and Funerals,

Vol XVIII, No. 6, September 2012

USCCB June 2012 Meeting Report: Bishops Discuss Key Social Issues — and Scripture Translationby Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy, Vol XVIII, No. 5, August 2012

“Pro Multis” — “For Many” — Pope Benedict explains change in translation, Vol. XVIII, No. 4, June-July 2012

The Form of the Eucharistic Celebration in the Thought of Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI — by Owen Vyner, Vol. XVIII, No. 4, June-July 2012

Our Babel of Bibles: Scripture, Translation, and the Possibility of Spiritual Understand — Part II — Conclusion — by David Lyle Jeffrey, Vol. XVIII, No. 4, June-July 2012

Our Babel of Bibles — Scripture, Translation, and the Possibility of Spiritual Understanding — Part I– by David Lyle Jeffrey, May 2012, Vol. XVIII No. 3

Letter of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, PRO MULTIS to H.E. Msgr. Robert Zollitsch, Archbishop of Freiburg, President of the Episcopal Conference of Germany, Vatican, April 14, 2012

Updates, Progress on New Liturgical Translations — US Bishops’ Committee for Divine Worship gives guidelines for use of new Missal texts, Vox Clara produces interim version of the Roman Pontifical, Vol. XVIII, No. 1, March 2012

“Liturgy and Asceticism” Draws Scholars’ Reflection – by Daniel G. Van Slyke, Vol. XVIII, No. 1, March 2012

News & Views Restoring the Words, Beauty, and Truth | Symposium on the Language of Liturgy | Musica Sacra Saint Louis Conference | 2012 SCL Conference: Liturgy and Asceticism | Holy Communion in Both Kinds | Vespers in Manhattan: Catholic Artists Society | Adoremus on EWTN, Vol. XVII, No. 9, December 2011- January 2012

USCCB November meeting report: Bishops Address Religious Liberty Issues, Liturgy, at 2011 Plenary — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XVII, No. 9, December 2011- January 2012

Venite Adoremus — Fitting Music for the New Translation of the Mass — by Dan Burke, Vol. XVII, No. 9, December 2011- January 2012

Translations and Controversies — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XVII, No. 9, December 2011- January 2012

News & Views — New Nuncio to the US named | “Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace” Meet in Assisi | USCCB to Consider Adding Blessed John Paul II Feast in US | Pope Addresses Australian Bishops on Faith, New Missal | Leaders for Synod on Evangelization Chosen, Vol. XVII, No. 8, November 2011

To Understand and to Teach the Church’s Sacramental Language: Questions and Answers on the New Translation — by Christopher Carstens and Fr. Douglas Martis, Vol. XVII, No. 8, November 2011

News and ViewsUS Bishops: Prayer for Conscience Rights | Prayers, Glossary for New Missal | Introduction of New Missal in Melbourne | Pope Amends Duties of Curial Congregation | New Enthronement of the Sacred Heart Book, Vol. XVII, No. 7, October 2011

The Making of the Missal, ICEL Director explains the New Roman Missal at Christendom College, Vol. XVII, No. 7, October 2011

News and Views — Conference on Missal for Parishioners | Cardinal Cañizares on Receiving Communion | New Missal Editions for Personal Use | LTP Publishes Order of Mass Worship Aids | How to Dispose of Liturgical Books | November Surprise? Who Knows? | English Missal Sites | Vox Clara – More Work | Chicago Church to Move — Brick by Brick, Vol XVII, No 6, September 2011

Exploring the Biblical Allusion in the Order of Mass: Penitential Act, Vol XVII, No 6, September 2011

Why the Liturgical Reform? or, “What if we just say no to any liturgical change?”by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol XVII, No 6, September 2011

Recovery of the Sacred – A Key Analysis of Liturgy Reform Now Online., Vol. XVII, No. 5, August 2011

Patriot Day: September 11th – 10 Anniversary — The US Conference of Catholic Bishops published “Liturgical Considerations for the Sunday, September 11, 2011” in the Newsletter of the Committee on Divine Worship (May 2011)., Vol. XVII, No. 5, August 2011

The Greeting at Mass: A Welcome into the Very Life of God by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, Vol. XVII, No. 5, August 2011

“A Universe Brimming with Fruitful Spiritual Life” Reflecting Transcendence in the Liturgy — by Bishop James D. Conley, Vol. XVII, No. 4, June-July 2011

“Inspiration and Truth in the Bible” — Pope Benedict’s Message to the Pontifical Biblical Commission, Vol. XVII, No. 4, June-July 2011

Liturgical Reform — Tradition and Progress: The Pontifical Liturgical Institute’s Fifty Years — by Helen Hull Hitchcock,Vol. XVII, No. 4, June-July 2011

Pope Benedict’s Address to the Pontifical Liturgical Institute, May 6, 2011, Vol. XVII, No. 4, June-July 2011

Instruction on Extraordinary Form of Mass Released — Conference on Summorum Pontificum held in Rome — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XVII, No. 4, June-July 2011

News and Views: October 22 – Feast Day for Blessed John Paul | Priests’ Retreat on Liturgy & Spirituality | New from Norbertines: Gregorian Requiem | “YouCat” Errors to be Corrected by CDF | Scottish Bishops: New Missal Translation a Gift | Canada: New English Missal Readied | Symposium on Council and Continuity | CMAA Colloquium: Chant, Sacred Music and the New Missal, Vol. XVII, No. 3, May 2011

Liturgy: the Unity of Word and Love — by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, April 2011

Vox Clara — New Members, More Work Ahead, Vol. XVII, No. 1, March 2011

The Liturgy and the Christian Language: Sacred language, symbol, deeply rooted in Christian culture — by Father Douglas Martis, Vol. XVII, No. 1, March 2011

The Revised Grail Psalms: New Liturgical Psalter Published by Conception Abbey and GIA Publications, Vol. XVII, No. 1, March 2011

Sing a New Song with Your Lives – The Promise of the New Edition of the Roman Missal — by Bishop James Conley [February 2011]

Vox Clara Publishes Roman Missal Study Text [February 2011]

Vox Clara President, Cardinal Pell, Sends Letter to Bishops on Study Text – dated January 1, 2011 [February 2011]

The New Missal — Opening the Gateway to New Evangelization — by Bishop Arthur Serratelli — “Implementing the Third Edition of the Roman Missal: A Gateway to Mystery” was the title of the 2010 national meeting of the Federation Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC), held in Alexandria, Louisiana, October 5-8. The meeting was co-sponsored by the FDLC and the US Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship (BCDW). Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, New Jersey, chairman of the BCDW, addressed the meeting. Excerpts were published in the October 2010 Newsletter of the BCDW. The bishop’s complete address to the FDLC appears here with his kind permission. [December 2010 – January 2011]

Statement by the USCCB Committee on Divine Worship on the Missal Translation: “There is a final text” [December 2010 – January 2011]


News and ViewsSolesmes Abbey Observes Millennium | A Musical Offering: The Office of Compline | New Music for the New Missal Texts | SCL Conference | Catholics, Orthodox Discuss Future Unity, Date of Easter [November 2010]

Why We Need the New Translation of the Mass — by Bishop Peter Elliott [November 2010]

Making the Case for “Consubstantial” — by Russell Shaw [November 2010]

From the Bible to the Lectionary of the Holy Mass: Norms and Principles — by Monsignor Michael K. Magee [November 2010]

Committee on Divine Worship Update on Missal Translation
On November 18, 2010 during the USCCB meeting in Baltimore, Bishop Arthur Serratelli issued a statement of the Committee on Divine Worship updating the status of the new Missal translation that received Vatican approval August 20, 2010. – Link on USCCB web site:

The USCCB Press Release —

News and Views — Liturgy Convention in Sri Lanka | St. Louis Liturgy Conference on Missal coming in November | Conference on Canon Law Held in LaCrosse [October 2010]

The Lamb’s Supper: Taste and See (and Hear and Touch) the Gospel — by Scott Hahn [October 2010]

The Missal in English — Change & Hope, English Speaking countries prepare for new texts for Mass — Helen Hull Hitchcock, [October 2010]

Crossing the Threshold — to the Cross — by Father Douglas Martis [October 2010]

Benedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy: Proceedings of the First Fota International Liturgy Conference — by Father Marco Testa [October 2010]

The Mystery of Faith Made Present — Archbishop Alfred Hughes on the New Missal Translation [September 2010]

Glad Tidings: Chicago’s Liturgical Institute Celebrates Tenth Anniversaryby Helen Hull Hitchcock [September 2010]

Glorify God by Your Life, Evangelization and the Renewal of the Liturgyby Archbishop Charles Chaput [September 2010]

Found in Translation: The “sacral vernacular” of the new English translation of the Roman Missal — by Father Uwe Michael Lang [September 2010]

Liturgical Landmark: The New English Missal, Will dissent disrupt reception of the new translation? — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, July-August 2010

Our Prayer Language to God, Cardinal George and Father Ward interviewed on the New Missal TranslationEarly this year, Chicago Cardinal Francis George, OMI, and Father Anthony Ward, SM, were interviewed for an instructional DVD, A New Translation for a New Roman Missal, produced by the Midwest Theological Forum (MTF), July-August 2010.

Liturgy and the Splendor of Truth, for the Spirit of the Liturgy — by Father Romano Guardini — An excerpt from Father Romano Guardini’s book The Spirit of the Liturgy, originally published in German in 1918, July-August 2010.

Cardinal Canizares on the New Missal Translation: Following is an English translation of responses given by Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (CDW), in a February 2010 interview for a video presentation, “A New Translation for a New Roman Missal”, produced by Midwest Theological Forum. The English translation is by Jonathan Carlyon, provided through the courtesy of Midwest Theological Forum., Vol XVI, No. 4., June 2010

News & Views — Vatican Approves English Missal Translation | Vox Clara Presents — Dvd On New Roman Missal | ICEL Chants for Mass | Archbishop Aymond on Liturgy Changes | Bishops Give Directives on Tabernacle Placement | Gestures & Postures at Mass, Vol. XVI, No.3, May 2010

What Vatican II Really Said about Renewal — Book Review — Vatican II:Renewal within Tradition — reviewed by Helen Hull Hitchcock,Vol. XVI, No.3, May 2010

Pope Benedict Thanks Vox Clara For Work on Missal Translation, Vol. XVI, No.3, May 2010

Vatican Approves New Psalter for Liturgy: Conception Abbey Revised Grail Psalter Receives Recognitio — by Jarrod Thome, Vol. XVI, No.3, May 2010

Gradual Progress in Recovery of Sacred Music — The Saint Louis Gradual — English Chants for the Roman Missal by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XVI, No.3, May 2010

The Once and Future Preface: Preface of the Most Holy Trinity in English — 1957- 2009, Vol. XVI, No.3, May 2010

Welcoming the Roman MissalBishop Arthur Serratelli, of Paterson, New Jersey, chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship, presents a basic catechesis on the new translation of the Roman Missal in this article, originally published in America magazine, March 1, 2010. His article addresses frequent questions about the translation, and responds, though indirectly, to efforts to delay or resist the texts. Bishop Serratelli has kindly permitted us to publish his helpful article. — by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, Vol. XVI, No. 2, April 2010

Australian Archbishop Coleridge: New Moment of RenewalChairman of ICEL Roman Missal Editorial Committee explains preparing for the new translation — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [ March 2010 ]

The Day the Mass Changed, How it Happened and Why — Part II — by Susan Benofy [March 2010]

News & Views — The New Missal Texts and the “Voice of the People”? [February 2010]

The Day the Mass Changed — Part I– by Susan Benofy [February 2010]

Cardinal Canizares on Recent Developments in the Liturgy — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [February 2010]

US Bishops Approve Missal Texts – Next Challenges: Catechesis for Missal, New Lectionary — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [December 2009-January 2010]

Roman Missal Translation Highlights: 1963-2009 [December 2009-January 2010]

Translating the Liturgy: Finding Words to Express the Ineffable — by Susan Benofy [December 2009-January 2010]

American Named Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship – Second CDW Undersecretary Appointed — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [August 2009]

Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei Becomes Part of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [August 2009]

USCCB June Meeting: Bishops Discuss, Vote on Missal Texts — More to Come [August 2009]

Cardinal Pell Keynotes Liturgy Conference in Ireland [August 2009]

The New Missal – Historic Moment in Liturgical Renewal — by Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli [June-July 2009]

Pope Benedict Addresses the Pontifical Biblical Commission – Inspiration and Truth of Scripture [June-July 2009]

Liturgical Translation Update: US Bishops to Expedite Missal Approval; Postpone Lectionary Review — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [April 2009]

Cardinal Pell Comments on Liturgy, Translation [April 2009]

SCL Conference Focuses on Roman Missal — by Father Paul J. Keller, OP [April 2009]

Missal Translation Timeline [April 2009]

News & ViewsStilled Voices: Father Chrysogonus Waddell; Cardinal Avery Dulles; Father Richard John Neuhaus | Australian Bishops Approve All ICEL Texts; Prepare for New Missal [February 2009]

The Art of Pastoral Translation at the Service of Communion — The keynote address presented at the Gateway Liturgical Conference held November 7-8, 2008, in St. Louis. — by Archbishop Allen Vigneron [February 2009]

Vox Clara Continues Work on Missal Translations [February 2009]

Spanish Cardinal Appointed Prefect of CDW [February 2009]

News & Views — Archbishop Ranjith Addresses Gateway Liturgical Conference | What Can’t Catholics Understand? | SCL Conference on Roman Missal [Dec 2008 – January 2009]

USCCB Report — November 2008: During Intense Meeting, Bishops Act on Three Liturgy Items — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [Dec 2008 – January 2009]

Message to the People of God: XII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops [Dec 2008 – January 2009]

News and Views — “The Bible Day and Night” Televised During the Synod on the Word of God | USCCB, Vatican Synod Reports on Web | Musical Offerings: St. Louis Institute of Sacred Music | Architect Addresses Liturgical Institute [November 2008]

A New Liturgical Psalter for the United States Would Signal Progress in Reform — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [November 2008]

Cardinal Arinze Reports Missal Changes to Synod [November 2008]

Pope Benedict XVI Addresses Synod — On Biblical Exegesis and Theology [November 2008]

Synod’s Relator General Summarizes Interventions for Final Phase: Questions Focus on Critical Issues in Conveying Word of God to Church, World [November 2008]

The Liturgy of Saints in the Liturgy: About Adding Names of Saints and Blesseds — by Father William Fitzgerald, O. Praem. [November 2008]

In Search of Lost Symbols in Scripture: On Contemporary Biblical Illiteracy — by Monsignor Timothy Verdon [November 2008]

Excerpts from the Instrumentum Laboris for the XII Ordinary General Synod of Bishops — The Word of God in the Many Services of the Church, Chapter V, [October 2008]

Quaerere Deum – To Seek God: The Culture of the Word and the Word of God — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [October 2008]

News and Views — Pope Explains Summorum Pontificum to French Bishops | PCED Cardinal Comments… | Gregorian Chant and Polyphony Workshop | ICEL Reports Work on Missal Completed | Pro Orantibus: A Day “For Those Who Pray” [October 2008]

Holy See Approves First New Texts for Order of Mass for the US — Accuracy assured; Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship launches “formation” resource on web — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [September 2008]

The Unpronounceable Tetragrammaton is — unpronounceable — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [September 2008]

New Mass Translation Accents Reverence and Awe — by Philip Lawler [September 2008]

News & Views — Distant Early Warning: Translation Hazards | Example for Bishops and All Believers | Bishops are Liturgists [July-August 2008]

The Language of the Liturgy: The Value of the New Translations — A conscious effort is being made to suit the human word of the divine action — by Bishop Arthur Serratelli [July-August 2008]

Bishops Reopen Consultation Process After Translation For Proper of Seasons Fails to Meet Two-Thirds Majority — USCCB News Release – July 7, 2008 [July-August 2008]

USCCB June 2008 Meeting: Bishops Debate and Vote on Missal Texts — Second of Twelve Segments Presented at June Meeting: Vote Inconclusive [July-August 2008]

ICEL’s Response to Bishop Galeone’s Criticism [July-August 2008]

Latin Days are Here Again? — Pope Benedict wants to revive the Latin Mass in Roman Catholic Worship. But what exactly does that mean? — by George Weigel [July-August 2008]

Letter to the Bishops Conferences on The Name of God, June 29, 2008, Cardinal Francis Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

Synod on the Word of God: Lineamenta offers preview of synod’s studies[June 2008]

Synod on the Word of God: Lineamenta’s Introduction and Chapter 1[June 2008]

Recent International Survey on Scripture: Reading the Bible, Who, When, Where, How, Why — by Sandro Magister [May 2008]

Synod on the Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [May 2008]

Pope Benedict XVI on the Word of God [May 2008]Progress report from BCDWWhen Can We Hope to See the New Missal in English? — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [May 2008]

News and Views: New Year, New Building for Monks | Vox Clara: Latest Missal Report | ICEL Progress Report: Revised Missal Translations Near Completion, February 2008

Vox Clara Committee Report — Hope for 2009 Completion, Approval of Missal Translation, November 2007

All or Many — “Pro Multis” translated… , by James Hitchcock, October 2007

News & Views — Jesus of Nazareth Transmits a Lifetime of Learning | Bishop’s “Fiery Language” Makes National News | Adding Saints to the Universal Calendar | Philadelphia Schola Seeks Singers [July-August 2007]

Bishop Laments Loss of Sacred: Accurate translations “will not disturb our faith. They will build it up”. (Bishop Arthur Serratelli’s columns) by Helen Hull Hitchcock [July-August 2007]

Link to unofficial English translation of Summorum Pontificum by the Vatican Information Service on USCCB web site:

Letter Of His Holiness Benedict XVI To The Bishops On The Occasion Of The Publication Of The Apostolic Letter “Motu Proprio Data” Summorum Pontificum On The Use Of The Roman Liturgy Prior To The Reform Of 1970, July 7, 2007

Liturgical Translation: A Question of Truth — by Bishop Peter J. Elliot [June 2007]

The Languages of Biblical Translation — by Father Paul Mankowski, SJ [June 2007]

News & ViewsVox Clara: “a swift completion” — please! | Ratio Translationis Still “coming soon” | Father Anthony Ward, SM, New Undersecretary of CDW | New Shrine of the Sacred Heart for Saint Louis Cathedral Basilica [April 2007]

News & Views: In Pursuit of English Scripture — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [March 2007]

The Rediscovery of the Liturgy of the Hours: The Mundelein Psalter — A New Resource for the Church’s Ancient Prayer [March 2007]

News & Views — 2008 Synod of Bishops: The Word of God | US Bishops To Review More Missal Texts | Scottish Schola Revives Gregorian Chant [February 2007]

What Words Will We Use in God’s Word? – Challenges & Concerns in Scripture Translations for the Liturgy — by Father Ralph Wright, OSB [February 2007]

2006 USCCB Meeting — Bishops Vote for Music Directory and New Revised LectionaryFirst guidelines for approval of music texts; Advent Readings — by Susan Benofy [Dec 2006 – January 2007]

Language in the Roman Rite Liturgy: Latin and Vernacular — Keynote address at Gateway Liturgical Conference – Cardinal Arinze [Dec 2006 – January 2007]

Vox Clara Meets in December, Reports Progress on Missal Translation [Dec 2006 – January 2007]

Prot. n. 467/05/L

Congregation for the Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, by agreement with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, — regarding the translation into the various vernaculars of the expression pro multis in the formula for the consecration of the Precious Blood during the celebration of Holy Mass, Rome, October 17, 2006

[Dec 2006 – January 2007]

News & ViewsVox Clara Reports Progress with Missal Translation | BCL Consults on Revising MCW | FDLC on MCW: Don’t Change! [November 2006]

USCCB to Meet in Baltimore: Lectionary Revisions; Directory for Approval of Music Proposed [November 2006]

“Ecumenical Texts” in the Missal? [October 2006]

News & Views — Vox Clara Meets on Mass Translations [September 2006]

Psallite — Another Collection of Psalms and Antiphons — by Susan Benofy [September 2006]

A Proclamation [July-August 2006]

US Bishops Approve First Missal Texts — ICEL Order of Mass sent to Holy See for “recognitio” — Two more sets of Mass texts scheduled for vote in November [July-August 2006]

Nicene Creed Changes [July-August 2006]

What the Bishops Said… — USCCB Debate and Vote on the ICEL Translation of the Order of Mass [July-August 2006]

Address to US Bishops — Bishop Arthur Roche, Chairman of ICEL [July-August 2006]

New International Group Plans NRSV-based Lectionary — Bible Version “will need a certain amount of adaptation” to conform to liturgical norms [July-August 2006]

Preface of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary [July-August 2006]

News & ViewsMissal Translation: Unusual Attention Before Vote | Holy See Restricts Father Maciel | Anti-Catholic Lies Nothing New | Correction [June 2006]

John Paul II to US Bishops On Liturgical TranslationsFrom No. 2, Ad Limina Address to bishops from California, Nevada and Hawaii — December 4, 1993, Origins January 13, 1994 (p 539) [June 2006]

Cardinal Arinze to US Bishops on TranslationThe text of a letter sent by Cardinal Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, to Bishop William Skylstad, president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, following a meeting of Conference leaders with the Congregation in April. In the letter, Cardinal Arinze stresses that translations of liturgical texts must conform to Liturgiam authenticam, the Holy See’s 2001 Instruction on translation. [June 2006]

Bishops to Vote on Mass Translation
ICEL Texts for Order of Mass, Amendments, US Adaptations slated for action at June meeting of USCCB — by Helen Hull Hitchcock [May 2006]

Procedures for Liturgy Actions at June Meeting [May 2006]

Vatican “Observations” on Inclusive language”(from 2002) [May 2006]

God and Man in the New Catechism Compendium
Reflections on “Generic Man” — by Father Ralph Wright, OSB [May 2006]

Scripture as the Place of God’s Hope-instilling Power
From A New Song for the Lord — by Pope Benedict XVI [May 2006]

Bible Babel — by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus [March 2006]

Scripture as the Place of God’s Hope — Instilling Power — Pope Benedict XVI [March 2006]

“Youth Bible” Problems Persist
by Helen Hull Hitchcock [ February 2006 ]

Readers Forum Mangling the Gloria “an abomination” | Translation Matters | Good Vibes on Mass Translation | Why Do We Use Incense? | Why the RSV? | Dies Irae | Hail Mary at Mass | Changing Terms | Music during Communion | Adding “Acclamations” [ February 2006 ]

USCCB November Meeting [Dec 2005 – Jan 2006]

Bishops Discuss Mass Translations
Transcription of the discussion of ICEL’s draft Mass texts at USCCB November meeting [Dec 2005 – Jan 2006]

News & Views — Cardinal Arinze’s 40th Anniversary as Bishop | CBA 2005:“Fundamentalistic” Bible Studies in Schools; Revised NAB Old Testament Awaits Approval | CBA Task Force Struggles to Extract Meaning | USCCB to Certify “Directors of Music Ministries”, says NPM | “Co-workers in the Vineyard” on USCCB Docket [November 2005]

Dei Verbum: The Divine Authority of Scripture vs. the “Hermeneutic of Suspicion” — by James Hitchcock [November 2005]

Pope Reflects on Dei Verbum — [November 2005]

Constitution on Divine Revelation Dei Verbum — November 18, 1965, Pope Paul VI — [November 2005]

News & Views — Synod’s Bishops, Experts, Auditors | Synod – Vatican News | US Bishops to Review ICEL’s Latest Missal Translation | ICEL Sold on eBay – Again! [October 2005]

Vox Clara: Reviews ICEL Draft; Issues Manual for Missal Translation — A Translation Manual to guide the translation of English-language liturgical texts was presented to and approved by the Holy See…, by Helen Hull Hitchcock [September 2005]

Bishop Asks for Correction, Context — Bishop Donald Trautman asked that we correct a quotation that appeared in the sidebar on page 3 of the June 2005 issue…, by Helen Hull Hitchcock [September 2005]

News & Views — “The Medina Years” Focus of Liturgy Conference | Synod Working Document Includes Problems, Proposals for Correction | Liturgical Institute Schedules Spring 2006 Conference | Sacred Music Colloquium Held at CUA [September 2005]

News & Views — Compendium of the Catechism Published — Beatification Initiated — Lost in Translation? — Survey Info Being Processed [July-August 2005]

USCCB June Meeting Report — Bishops Defer Decision on Missal Adaptations, by Helen Hull Hitchcock [July-August 2005]

Readers’ Forum — July – August 2005 — Facing the East | Gathering around the Altar | Mistranslation?| Choosing a Bible | “Moor’s head” | Three Liturgical Movements? | For Many or For All? (Editor’s note: Choosing a Bible has been published online because of the numberous request received) [July-August 2005]

News & Views — BCL Proposes Missal Modifications — ICEL Sends New Missal Draft to Bishops on CD [June 2005]

New Lectionary Review Process Reveals “Inclusivizing” Influence — Again — “We must not let forces outside of the Bishop’s Conference divide us”, bishop says…, by Helen Hull Hitchcock [June 2005]

Comments on Liturgiam authenticam [June 2005]

“A Language by its Nature Universal, Immutable, Non-vernacular”, Thoughts about teaching Latin today in a theological institute, by Andrei Gotia [May 2005]

News & Views — CDW Plenary Session: Approval of texts a topic | Vox Clara Sees “Impressive Improvements” | Music Colloquium at Catholic University | Gregorian Chant Workshops at St. Michael’s Institute [April 2005]

The Foundations of Liturgical ReformSacrosanctum Concilium — Anniversary Address — By Francis Cardinal George — In observance of the anniversary of Sacrosanctum Concilium, the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Liturgy, a day-long conference sponsored by the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments (CDW) was held at the Vatican on December 4, 2003. [March 2004]

Bishops Receive Missal Texts; Translation Norms — by Helen Hull Hitchcock — Two signs of significant progress on the authentic reform of the Liturgy were revealed at the beginning of this year. [March 2004]

Bibles and Lectionaries — We’re combining our responses to several readers who have recently asked about Lectionaries and Bible translations with this brief summary of the current situation. We’ll revisit this matter anon. [February 2004]

Vox Clara sees sample translations of the Roman Missal — The Vox Clara committee met for the fourth time…[December 2003 – January 2004]

New ICEL Statutes Signal Coming Changes — Unusual meeting prepares way for Missal in English — “Everything now appears to be in place for an accurate and beautiful English translation of the new Roman Missal…”, by Helen Hull Hitchcock [November 2003]

Vox Clara Committee Press Release, November 21, 2003. [Church Documents]

Cardinal Responds to Questions on Liturgy — Wide-ranging questons on Liturgy were answered by Cardinal Francis Arinze at a conference in July sponsored by the Apostolate for Family Consecration.[October 2003]

Cardinal Arinze Convenes Meeting with Bishops — Translation, “inculturation”, authority issues form agenda for October 21 meeting with presidents and liturgy officials of English-speaking bishops’ conferences, by Helen Hull Hitchcock [September 2003]

Jesuit Missionary Compiles Japanese-Latin Dictionary, by Paul Aklo Sawada [July- August 2003]

Liturgical Latin Reconsidered — Did the Council foresee the different kinds of comprehension required for inspirational liturgy…? (May 2003), by Joseph P. Swain

Vox Clara committee considers draft document for English-language liturgical translation, previews translated Missal texts (April 2003)

Cardinal George Appoints New BCL Members, Advisors — New appoints to BCL.(February 6, 2003)

Cardinal Arinze to Head CDW — Nigerian prelate brings unique perspective, experience, to the Holy See’s worship congregation — Cardinal Francis Arinze, 69, was appointed prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments on October 2., by Helen Hull Hitchcock (October 2002)

Restoring Sacred Time — How the Liturgical Year deepens Catholic faith. – In his new book, Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year According to the Modern Roman Rite, Monsignor Peter Elliott presents a “manual for clergy and all involved in liturgical ministries” as a guide to the most important moments of the Church year from its beginning at Advent, through Christmas, Holy Week, and Corpus Christi to the solemnity of Christ the King. (October 2002)

Revised Adaptations to the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani for the Church in the United States – Effective April 25, 2002 — An amended translation will be introduced at the November 2002 meeting of the USCCB for the bishops’ vote. (October 2002)

ICEL Renewal – Sine non difficultate; Britons to head episcopal board, secretariat of translation commission. — A new phase in renewing ICEL. by Helen Hull Hitchcock (September 2002)

Hobgoblins Ambush ICEL, Liturgy– “Conservative groups” pilloried liturgists, and American prelates used “backroom tactics” to derail liturgical reform, say former ICEL head and “progressive” weeklies, by Helen Hull Hitchcock (September 2002)

ReprintFeminism and the Language Wars of Religion, by Helen Hull Hitchcock, October 1995, Dossier

Holy See Sends Message on ICEL – “Sacramentary” project deemed a dud – ends decade of debate / Attached is a copy of Cardinal Medina Estévez’s letter to Bishop Gregory, by Helen Hull Hitchcock (June 2002)

“American Adaptations” Approved: Adds Another Layer to Liturgy Changes, by Helen Hull Hitchcock (June 2002)

Liturgy Commission Plagued by Pederasty Problems – FDLC Director is second official in a year to be charged, by Helen Hull Hitchcock (June 2002)

Observations on the English-language Translation of the Roman Missal (dated March 16, 2002) – Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments: Introductory letter from Cardinal Jorge Medina Estévez to bishops, with complete document from the Congregation critiquing the proposed revision by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy [ICEL] of the Roman Missal, second typical edition — as submitted to the Holy See for approval. (June 2002)

Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus, by Hugh Ballantyne (June 2002)

Pope John Paul II: Expedite English Missal Translation, Vox Clara committee to assure fidelity, accuracy, by Helen Hull Hitchcock (May 2002)

Radical Relocation of Transcendence – Changes in the Communion Rite 1977 – 2002, by Susan Benofy (May 2002)

Translations and the Consultation of the Nova Vulgata of the Latin Church Congregation for Divine Worship (May 2002)

US Scholars Resuscitate Rejected Psalms – The Revised Psalms of the New American Bible with inclusive language, by Helen Hull Hitchcock (May 2002)

Pope John XXIII – Apostolic Constitution, Veterum Sapientia On the Promotion of the Study of Latin, February 22, 1962 (April 2002)

Holy Father Receives New Roman Missal – Revised rules for Mass now official; await adaptation, translation. *Summary of USCCB’s proposals for American adaptations to the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani., by Helen Hull Hitchcock (April 2002)

*Summary of USCCB’s proposals for American adaptations to the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani. (April 2002)

Special report on USCCB November 2001 meeting – Part II Bishops revise American Adaptations for Institutio — transcribed by Susan Benofy and edited by Helen Hull Hitchcock (February 2002)

Letter to Adoremus from Bishop P.J. Cullinane — New Zealand Representative to the ICEL Episcopal Board (February 2002)

News — Former ICEL president receives FDLC award, notes “liturgical winter”. “We Believe!” founder to head a new liturgy group. (February 2002)

Special Report — USCCB November 2001 Meeting — US Bishops discuss Instruction, Liturgiam authenticam; affirm Holy See’s liturgy critiques; send ICEL text back for repairs, by Helen Hull Hitchcock (December 2001-January 2002)

Pope John Paul II Addresses Liturgical Assembly, Address to plentary assembly of the Congregation of Divine worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments – September 21, 2001 (December 2001-January 2002)

Bishop assails Holy See’s Instruction in America, NCR, Report on an essay written by Bishop Donald Trautman on Liturgiam authenticam (December 2001-January 2002)

Letter on “American Adaptations” — Congregation for Divine Worship’s observations, suggestions to US Bishops on proposed adaptations of the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani, Letter from Jorge A. Card, Medina Estevez (December 2001-January 2002)

Question and Answer Guide to Liturgical Inculturaion –Based on Varietates Legitimae, common questions about liturgical “inculturation” (November 2001)

When Beauty is Revolutionary — Reflections on Liturgiam authenticam — This essay originated as a panel presentation at the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars (November 2001)

Lectionary Volume II approved — new books to appear next year — Update on Volume II of the revised Lectionary for Mass (October 2001)

Group demands revision of translation Instruction — Board Members of Catholic Biblical Association fault Liturgiam authenticam in statement to US bishops (September 2001)

Tres abhinc annos — Second Instruction on the carrying out of the Constitution on the Liturgy (authorizes specific use of some vernacular in the liturgy). May 4, 1967 – Sacred Congregation of Rites.

Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb’s address to bishops on Liturgiam Authenticam — Chairman of the Bishops Committee on the Liturgy outlines document’s effects on the American Church (July-August 2001)

Bishops Propose Liturgy Adaptations for US; Issue Statement on Real PresenceLiturgiam authenticam focal point of bishops’ June meeting in Atlanta (July-August 2001)

Pope John Paul II – Vicesimus Quintus Annus on the 25th Anniversary of the Constitution on the Liturgy (December 4, 1988)

A “New Era” in the Renewal of the Liturgy — Report on the Holy See’s Instruction on translation, by Helen Hull Hitchcock (June 2001)

Pope John Paul II on translation: integrity, beauty — The Holy Father addresses bishops on the liturgy (June 2001)

Responses to Liturgiam authenticam — Quotes from early press accounts (June 2001)

Liturgiam authenticam on the use of Vernacular Languages in the Pubication of the Books of the Roman Liturgy — Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (Issued May 7, 2001) (June 2001)

Bishops to “Adapt” Liturgy Rules — Proposed “American Adaptations” to Holy See’s regulations for Mass to be voted on in June (May 2001)

Why there is no Catechism in Japanese — Conflict over translation has delayed publication for eight years, by Francis Mutsuo Fukushima (April 2001)

Do we really need a “Children’s Lectionary”? — Introduction by Helen Hull Hitchcock, with transcription of the bishops November 2000 discussion. Can an extremely simplified version of the Bible the best way to present the sacred Scripture to Catholic grade-school children? The bishops’ discussion last November of the experimental “Children’s Lectionary” reveals some of the problems. (February 2001)

Bishops back “Built of Living Stones” — November bishops’ conference report — including transcription of discussion of new statement on church architecture. — by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy (December 2000 – January 2001)

The Scandal of the Liturgy — “Incarnation” does not mean doing as we please with the Church’s worship. A reveiw of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s book, The Spirit of the Liturgy, by Father Paul Scalia (December 2000 – January 2001)

Blessed are those who are called, by Deacon Roy Barkley (December 2000 – January 2001)

Why Scripture was ICELated And who has been “Shaping English Liturgy” (December 2000 – January 2001)

Gabe Huck accepts liturgists’ award to LTP (December 2000 – January 2001)

Infelicities in the New Lectionary for Mass — by Father Ralph Wright, OSB (November 2000)

Origin of ICEL’S “Original Texts”, Part III — by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy (November 2000)

New Liturgy Rules Precede Missal — The Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani released by the Holy See in July 2000 will be part of the new Roman Missal — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (September/October 2000)

US Bishops examine ICEL plans (Part II) — Revision of new ICEL Constitution to be reviewed by member conferences, Holy See — by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy (August 2000)

Bishops discuss ICEL future (Part I) — by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy (June/July 2000)

Bishop criticizes Vatican, praises ICEL — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (May 2000)

Vatican: ICEL Psalter “a danger to faith” — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (April 2000)

Reflection on the current Babel of Bible translations — by Father James Schall, SJ (March 2000)

How should we proclaim the Good News to those who cannot hear? — A rehabilitation counselor looks at problems in “signing” vs.”interpreting” the Liturgy — by Joseph Tevington (March 2000)

ICEL needs “thoroughgoing reform” — Vatican’s latest move to correct translation problems — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (February 2000)

Letter of Cardinal Medina Estévez to Bishop Maurice Taylor of ICEL (February 2000)

ICEL snapshots — Series of quotations help track ICEL’s involvement in translation controversies (February 2000)

Translation Wars Loom in Japan — by Francis Mutsuo Fukushima (February 2000)

Letter from Archbishop Francesco Tamburrino to Bishop Maurice Taylor, The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (CDW) advises the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) that the “doctrinally flawed” ICEL Psalter, first published in 1994, must be no longer be disseminated, and asks that ICEL “act decisively” to assure that this happens. (Archbishop Francesco Tamburrino was secretary of the CDW. Bishop Maurice Taylor was president of ICEL. ), January 14, 2000

Selling Bibles to “Generation Y” — on the Catholic Youth Bible — by David Murray (December 1999/January 2000)

New Liturgical Books Coming Soon — Will the new Roman Missal affect ICEL’s “Pastoral Introduction”? — by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy (October 1999)

Translation Matters — by Archbishop Elden Curtiss (March 1999)

Forum Finally Held, But Process Far From Finished — Meeting on translation principles (March 1999)

BCL Director Named to Vatican Congregation (February 1999)

Letter from Congregation for Divine Worship to NCCB — Letter of September 10,1997, from Jorge Cardinal Medina Estévez,Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, to Archbishop Anthony Pilla (February 1999)

ICEL Psalter Status: A Letter Exchange — An exchange of letters between Father Jerry J. Pokorsky, founder and director of Credo, and the Reverend James P. Moroney, Executive Director of the Secretariat for the Liturgy (February 1999)

Excerpts from Holy See’s “Observations” on ICEL Ordination Rite (December 1997/January 1998)

Belloc: ICEL’s Inspiration? — by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy (February 1999)

Questions on the New Lectionary (December 1998/January 1999)

ICEL Psalter Lacks Savor — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (September 1998)

The New American Bible — A Voice From the Past — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (May/June 1998)

How “Inclusive Language” Came to the Liturgy — by Kenneth D. Whitehead (April 1998)

Vatican Rejects Ordination Ritual — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (December 1997/January 1998)

“Inclusive Language” Undermines Beauty, Meaning — by Mary Beth Bonacci (December 1997/January 1998)

At Last: The Truth Hits Home! — Scripture scholar concedes translators are under “great pressure” from special interest groups. (November 1997)

De Good Nyews Bout Translayshun? — “Gullah” Version of Luke’s Gospel Raises Questions of Fidelity to Text — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (September 1997)

Vatican Translation Norms Reject “Inclusive Language” — Includes the full text of the Vatican Norms on Translation of Scripture — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (July/August 1997)

Enigma Variations: Puzzling Procedures Reach Confusing Conclusion
Staff — Vol. 3, 5, (July / August 1997)

Translation Without Words — Should American Sign Language Become an Official Liturgical Language? — by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy (June 1997)

“Femonics”: Legitimate Dialect or Linguistic Dictatorship? — by Susan J. Benofy and Helen Hull Hitchcock (May 1997)

Bishops to See Revised Lectionary Translation in June — by Staff — (May 1997)

Mystery of the Swiss Synod Eucharistic Prayer — Procedural Ambiguities and Theological Questions Plague the Latest Optional Canon — by Father Jerry Pokorsky and Helen Hull Hitchcock (April 1997)

The Power of Babble — More Simplified Bibles Hit Bookstores. What Hath They Wrought? Reprinted from Time, September 1996 — by Paul Gray (March 1997)

On the Use of “Man” in Biblical Translation (March 1997)

Cardinals Meet Vatican Officials on Mass Texts — Can Rome Resist Pressure for Language Changes? — by Adoremus Staff (February 1997)

NCCB Approves ICEL Revision of Roman Missal Bishops’ Vote Signals “The End of the Beginning” — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (December 1996)

New Liturgy Committee Head — Archbishop Jerome Hanus, OSB Elected to replace Bishop Donald Trautman as BCL chairman (December 1996)

Bishops to Vote on ICEL’s Final Mass Revisions: Sacramentary Segments VII, VIII (November 1996)

Translation and Inculturation in the Catholic Church — Presented at the International Conference on “Rethinking Translation”, Milwaukee, June 10, 1995 (revised). — by Stephen M. Beall (October 1996)

Confusion About Scripture Translations for Liturgical Use — Trendy Texts Cause Confusion — Can Consultations Resolve Controversy? — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (March 1996)

From One Eucharistic Prayer to Many: How It Happened and Why (Originally published in three parts, from September through November of 1996) — by Father Cassian Folsom, OSB, director of the Pontifical Liturgical Institute (September-November 1996)

ICEL’s Translation of the Roman Canon — By Susan Benofy — New Editor comments added July-August 1996 and September 1996

“Or Words to That Effect” — ICEL’s Principle of “Dynamic Equivalence” Changes More Than Words — by Father Jerry Pokorsky (May/June 1996)

Can Bible English Be Only Half Emasculated? “Horizontal Language” Game (May/June 1996)

The Inclusive Language Balancing Act — Ideology Threatens to Topple True Translation — by K.D.Whitehead (May/June 1996)

AB Readers Ask: Which Books Shall We Use? (March 1996)

How Shall We Proclaim the Mystery of Faith? — Bishops’ Efforts to Amend ICEL Revisions of the Order of Mass — by Helen Hull Hitchcock (March 1996)

No Critics Need Apply
Bishops Approve Segment Four at November Meeting
— Richard Hough (December 1995)

ICEL Texts Face Resistance — Disaffection with Translation Widespread among Bishops — by Thomas M. Rearly (November 1995)

*Originally printed in Voices (, Vol IX: Documentary Supplement
April 1994 Issue  — NCCB Debate on Liturgical Revisions What the bishops said…

This is a transcription of the US Bishops’ discussion in November 1993 of proposed new liturgical translations, translation principles, and the Grail Psalter-Inclusive Language Version (they did not approve this version of the Grail Psalter for liturgical use.)

Cardinal William Keeler’s November 1, 1994 statement on NRSV and RNAB Scripture texts for liturgical use

The Editors