Nov 15, 2016

Letters to Editor

From Norway with Love

May Christ’s Peace fill all hearts! We appreciate receiving Adoremus very much and are very grateful that you send it to our little bi-ritual (Roman and Ukrainian Greek Catholic) monastery in the mountains of Norway. We are very poor in this rich Protestant country, but we sent you donations before, and would like to send again if we have a few dollars

We built our little monastery ourselves and we celebrate and sing the Gregorian Mass and the Byzantine Divine Liturgy.

God bless your good work, and please say a prayer for us.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary,

Father Robert Kevin Anderson, OCSO
Trappist Monks, Norway

Adoremus Eastward…

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

My name is Anton Datelinka, and I’m a teacher of sacred liturgy at the Comenius University of Bratislava (Slovakia). What to do and where to pay to become a member of Adoremus and to receive the new printed edition of bulletin?

Thank you so much for your great work!

Father Anton Datelinka, STL
Slovakia – European Union

…And Further Eastward

I am a Chinese priest and studied at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. A few days ago, I stumbled across your Holy Eucharist Booklet online and found that it is very good and helpful for me. As you know, we have little theological books and materials in main land China. Could I get a copy of your Holy Eucharist Booklet in the future? If so, I would be obliged.

Thank you very much! God bless!

Fr. Paul Zhang

A Hundred Blessings!

I just celebrated my Birthday. I’m now 99 years old. Enclosed is my annual donation for Adoremus. God bless you all.

Sister St. Margaret Zapf
St. Augustine, FL

The Legacy Continues

Thanks for continuing and furthering Helen Hull Hitchcock’s efforts to foster the Sacred Liturgy.

Kenneth Solak
San Francisco, CA

Show-Me Praise

I am so impressed with the quality of your articles! Keep up the wonderful work!

Father Alex Anderson
DeSoto, MO

July Issue Kudos

I am an Adoremus Bulletin subscriber. I just finished reading the July issue which I thought was superb.

Don Munhall
Worthington, OH

On Wisconsin

Thank you for your great Bulletin. Every issue is special. Enclosed is my donation—please continue my subscription.

Lucille Kelly
Monroe, WI

Northern Blessings…

May God continue to bless and direct all of your endeavors.  Adoremus is such a blessing.

Sister Mary Louise, OSF
Hankinson, ND

…And Southern Blessings

Please continue to send Adoremus—May Our Lord Bless the work you are doing!

Linda Mayntz
Greer, SC

Benofy Shout-Out

Please thank Susan Benofy for the thorough background check of the 2007 USCCB document “Sing to the Lord” in the September 2016 issue. Very informative!

Martin Franklin
Hibbing, MN

A Corporal Work of Mercy

Greetings to you. Can you please tell me if Adoremus has a prison ministry or is able to donate materials to a Catholic prison community? Prison ministry is overlooked at times and often forgotten.

Greg Marcinski
Otisville, NY 

Adoremus willingly sends free copies to any who would benefit from receiving the Bulletin but are unable to afford it, thanks to our readers and benefactors who give beyond the suggested $40 donation. Please send along the name and address of anyone who you think would enjoy reading the Bulletin.

The Editors