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Aug 15, 2011

Table of Contents

Online Edition:
August 2011
Vol. XVII, No. 5

Table of Contents

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (c.1365)
Don Silvestro dei Gherarducci (1339-1399) – Vatican Pinacoteca

News and Views — US Bishops Decide New Mass Music May Be Used in September | Australia Introduces New Mass Translation | Irish Bishops on New Missal Texts | St. Louis Eucharistic Congress and Corpus Christi Celebration | Pope to Hear Confessions at World Youth Day | Conference on Council and Continuity | New Liturgical Music Institute to Honor Cardinal Newman

Jesus’ Eucharistic Commentary on the Paschal Mystery: Does Jesus Present a Theology of the Cross in the Synoptic Gospels? by Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap.

The Greeting at Mass: A Welcome into the Very Life of God by Bishop Arthur Serratelli

We know that we are to serve in His name, until He comes again by Archbishop Vincent Nichols

The Patrimony of Sacred Music: Continuity and Natural Development — Pope Benedict XVI’s Address for the 100th Anniversary of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music

CMAA Colloquium XXI — The Musical Language of the American Church — by Arlene Oost-Zinner

Readers Forum — On “No Support for Adoremus” or the “Novus Ordo” | Which Is It, “I Believe” or “We Believe”? | Latin in New Missal? | Common Texts | Mass as the Council Fathers Intended | Adoration and Mass | Books for Parishioners on the New Missal Translation?

Patriot Day: September 11th – 10 Anniversary — The US Conference of Catholic Bishops published "Liturgical Considerations for the Sunday, September 11, 2011" in the Newsletter of the Committee on Divine Worship (May 2011).

Recovery of the Sacred – A Key Analysis of Liturgy Reform Now Online.

Mysterium fidei! If the Eucharist is a mystery of faith which so greatly transcends our understanding
as to call for sheer abandonment to the word of God, then there can be no one like Mary to act as our support and guide in acquiring this disposition.… At the Annunciation Mary conceived the Son of God in the physical reality of His body and blood, thus anticipating within herself what to some degree happens sacramentally in every believer who receives, under the signs of bread and wine, the Lord’s body and blood.
As a result, there is a profound analogy between the Fiat which Mary said in reply to the angel, and the Amen which every believer says when receiving the body of the Lord.… In continuity with the Virgin’s faith, in the
Eucharistic mystery we are asked to believe that the same Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Mary, becomes present in His full humanity and divinity under the signs of bread and wine.
— Blessed Pope John Paul II
Ecclesiae de Eucharistia §54, 55



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