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Apr 15, 2011

Table of Contents

Online Edition: April 2011

Vol. XVII, No. 2

Table of Contents

News & Views — From Adoration to Evangelization | Weak Masses, Weak Faith, Cardinal Say | Missal Implementation in England, Wales, Scotland and Australia

The Recovery of the Sacred: How can we rekindle a sense of reverence and awe in Catholic worship? — by James Hitchcock

Liturgy: the Unity of Word and Love — by Bishop Arthur Serratelli

A "Catechetical Moment": New Book Gives a Fresh Look at the Mass — Book Review by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Baptism: A Matter of Death and Life — Pope Benedict XVI, Homily at the Easter Vigil, Saint Peter’s Basilica, April 3, 2010

Encountering the Mysterical Voice of Christ in the Mass — Book Review by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Musica Sacra – St. Louis Conference Signals Growing Interest in Chant – by Susan Benofy

Readers’ Forum — Altar Servers | Adoremus Hymnal | Video Homily at Mass | Permitted Changes | Concelebrated Mass | Role of Extraordinary Ministers | Liturgy of the Hours | Grail Psalter | NABRE – "Young Woman" or "Virgin"? | More on the Sacrament of Confession

In Praise of Poets and Liturgists with the Sacramental Sense — by Russell Shaw



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