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Mar 15, 2011

Table of Contents

Online Edition:
March 2011
Vol. XVII, No. 1

Table of Contents

God the Divine Architect
Illumination from Bible moralisée, c. 1250. – Codex Vindobonensis (Vienna) 2554.
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library), Vienna, Austria.

News and Views: Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth: Part Two Released in March | NABRE Bible Appears | Missal Publishers | Video Tutorial for ICEL Mass Chants | SCL Conference on the Roman Ritual | Liturgy Conference in Ireland

Sacred Architecture: Encountering the Beauty and Mystery of God — by Cardinal Justin Rigali

Vox Clara — New Members, More Work Ahead

The Liturgy and the Christian Language: Sacred language, symbol, deeply rooted in Christian culture — by Father Douglas Martis

The Revised Grail Psalms: New Liturgical Psalter Published by Conception Abbey and GIA Publications

Readers’ Forum: Singing praise… | Resources for the new translation | How old is the Roman Missal? | Boy Scout Sunday | Getting it right… | Mary’s betrothal, and blessings by EMs

First Confession, First Communion, Confirmation — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Saint Peter Canisius on Liturgy, Personal Prayer

The Chattering Classes Are Us — by George Weigel


Lord God, if You do not build the house, in vain do its builders labor:
We beseech You to inspire with Your Holy Spirit all those who labor to build up your sacred house, that Your people may worship truly and fully, may worthily
receive Your Holy Sacraments, and thus be filled with the abundant grace
obtained through these sacred gifts. This we ask through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. — Prayer from Novena for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy



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