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Feb 15, 2011

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February 2011
Vol. XVI, No. 10

Table of Contents

Christi autem generatio sic erat: cum esset desponsata mater ejus Maria Joseph, antequam convenirent inventa est in utero habens de Spiritu Sancto.

Now the birth of Christ came about in this way: When His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found to be with child of the Holy Spirit. — Matthew 1:18

News and Views — Pope John Paul II to Be Beatified May 1 | Ordinariate Erected for England and Wales | Four US Prelates to New Curial Posts | New Music Director for Saint Louis | CMAA – 2011 Winter Chant Intensive | Allentown Gregorian Chant Workshop | Musica Sacra St. Louis Conference Planned | ICEL Posts Mass Music on Web

Sing a New Song with Your Lives – The Promise of the New Edition of the Roman Missal — by Bishop James Conley

Polyphony and the Parish Choir – How great masterworks of choral music can enhance parish liturgies — by Lucy Carroll

Vox Clara Publishes Roman Missal Study Text

Vox Clara President, Cardinal Pell, Sends Letter to Bishops on Study Text – dated January 1, 2011

Restoring Beauty to Our Churches: A Success Story – How Holy Ghost parish achieved a sacred space for worship — Fr. Jay A. Finelli

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On the Cover: Chi Rho – Manuscript illumination by Daniel Mitsui

This drawing was made in imitation of the great illuminated Chi Rho pages in 6-9th-century Gospel manuscripts from Britain and Ireland that elaborately embellish the Gospel of St. Matthew 1:18. The Greek abbreviation for the word Christi, Chi Rho — XP — takes up most of the page. The Celtic style is characterized by elaborate decorative knotwork, lancinate animals, interlocking spirals and rune-like lettering.

The artist says of this work, “I based my own work mostly on the two most famous early Insular manuscripts, the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels. I consider these (especially the Lindisfarne Gospels) to be pinnacle examples of the illustrator’s art, and I have been trying for at least fifteen years to create something similar. I have also been studying some of the lesser-known manuscripts from this era lately. My drawing combines the Chi Rho monogram with images of Christ and the four Evangelical Beasts. It was drawn with colored inks and gold leaf on Bristol board, and measures 8 inches wide and 10 inches tall.” — See more works by Daniel Mitsui:

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