Table of Contents
Nov 15, 2008

Table of Contents

Online Edition:
November 2008
Vol. XIV, No. 8

Table of Contents

News and Views — “The Bible Day and Night” Televised During the Synod on the Word of God | USCCB, Vatican Synod Reports on Web | Musical Offerings: St. Louis Institute of Sacred Music | Architect Addresses Liturgical Institute

A New Liturgical Psalter for the United States Would Signal Progress in Reform — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Cardinal Arinze Reports Missal Changes to Synod

Pope Benedict XVI Addresses Synod — On Biblical Exegesis and Theology

Synod’s Relator General Summarizes Interventions for Final Phase: Questions Focus on Critical Issues in Conveying Word of God to Church, World

The Liturgy of Saints in the Liturgy: About Adding Names of Saints and Blesseds — by Father William Fitzgerald, O. Praem.

In Search of Lost Symbols in Scripture: On Contemporary Biblical Illiteracy — by Monsignor Timothy Verdon

Readers Forum –Mass Hymns Priority | Liturgical Translation | Wearing Veils in Church | Responsorial Psalm or Hymn? | Can you Help Our Choir | Sign of Peace | Funeral Liturgy | Standing after Communion | Faculty Position for Worship and Sacraments | Restoring Reverence



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