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Apr 15, 2008

Table of Contents

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April 2008

Vol. XIV, No. 2

Table of Contents

News and Views — Philadelphia Seminarians to learn 1962 Missal | CMAA Colloquium at Loyola Chicago | Liturgy Conference: Invitation for Papers

Liturgy, Laity, and the Sacramental Sense by Russell Shaw

Liturgy and Sacred Music by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI

Readers’ Forum — Mass Changes Due Soon? | Agnus Dei — Or "words to that effect" | Chatty Homilies | Rubrics for Adoration | Looking Out for John & Mary | Pipe or Digital Organs — More |Sunday Mass Intentions — Correction! | Easter Sequence

The Decline and Fall of Catholic Music — What can we do to stop the downward inertia? — by Jeffrey Tucker


The new Temple is formed: Jesus Christ Himself, in whom God’s love descends upon human beings. He, by His life, is the new and living Temple. He who passed through the Cross and was raised is the living space of spirit and life in which the correct form of worship is made.… To encounter God it is necessary to be able to see with the heart. We must learn to see with a child’s heart, with a youthful heart not hampered by prejudices or blinded by interests. Thus, it is in the lowly who have such free and open hearts and recognize Jesus, that the Church sees her own image, the image of believers of all ages.

— Pope Benedict XVI

from Palm Sunday Homily – 2008

COVER: Saint Louis Cathedral Basilica, Saint Louis, Missouri

Photo © St. Louis Cathedral Basilica



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