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Feb 15, 2008

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February 2008

Vol. XIII, No. 10

Table of Contents

News and Views: New Year, New Building for Monks | Vox Clara: Latest Missal Report | ICEL Progress Report: Revised Missal Translations Near Completion

Sacred Music — Time to Reconnect with Worship? by Richard Perrignon

Encyclical Letter: Spe Salvi, Pope Benedict XVI, November 30, 2007

Readers’ Forum: Protestant "Our Father"? | Presider | Carrying the Monstrance | "For Many" | Singing the Mass | 1962 Mass Rubrics for the Congregation? | Vertical and Horizontal Hymns | Chapel for the Blessed Sacrament | Congregation’s Posture during Communion | Tabernacle Placement | Agnus Dei in "Sing to the Lord" | Priestless Services | Words before Communion

Catholic Church Music: A Century of Progress? by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy


The Eucharist draws us into Jesus’ act of self-oblation … we enter into the very dynamic of His self-giving” (Encyclical Deus caritas est, n. 13).

Let us live Lent, then, as a “Eucharistic” time in which, welcoming the love of Jesus, we learn to spread it around us with every word and deed. Contemplating “Him whom they have pierced” moves us in this way to open our hearts to others, recognizing the wounds inflicted upon the dignity of the human person; it moves us in particular to fight every form of contempt for life and human exploitation and to alleviate the tragedies of loneliness and abandonment of so many people. May Lent be for every Christian a renewed experience of God’s love given to us in Christ, a love that each day we, in turn, must “re-give” to our neighbor, especially to the one who suffers most and is in need. Only in this way will we be able to participate fully in the joy of Easter.

— Pope Benedict XVI from Message for Lent 2007


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