Dec 31, 2007

Table of Contents

Online Edition – Vol. III, No. 6: September 1997

Table of Contents

Grinding Old Axes: Women’s Ordination and Inclusive Language — Theologians, Liturgists Occupy Common Ground of Dissent — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

De Good Nyews Bout Translayshun?Gullah Version of Luke’s Gospel Raises Questions of Fidelity to Text — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

On Creation and the Language of Revelation — by Archbishop Christoph Schonborn

Sacrosanctum Concilium ­ The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

A Moderate Proposal? — (Book Review) Helen Hull Hitchcock

Him, Not HymnHymn-singing during Communion blocks reception of what Christ may have to say to us — by William Bentley Ball

Saint Nowhere’sby James Hitchcock