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Dec 31, 2007

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All main articles published in Adoremus Bulletin are listed, in alphabetical order by title. If the article is available online, you can click on the link to view the material. You may use the "Search" link to find a particular author, (Volume numbers turn over in March of each year.) If an article is not available online, you may request a copy of the issue in which it appeared (e-mail). Please include the title of the article, author and volume number. (Some issues are no longer available.) Due to the number of articles online we have broken down the Article Index Page, click below on the part of the alphabet you want to search.



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Radical Relocation of Transcendence

Changes in the Communion Rite 1977 – 2002,

by Susan Benofy,

Vol. VIII, No. 3


May 2002

A Rant Against Chant: New Age Desacralization of Music Made for the Immortal Soul,


Tony Hendra,

Vol. 2, 2

, April 1996

Raves in London: Disco Music, Flashing Lights, but Tyme Has No Time for Reverence,by James Gallaghern,

Vol. 3, 4

, June 1997

Rebuilding for the Twenty-first Century — After a devastating fire, a parish recovers continuity with its past, hope for future — by William Buckingham, Vol XV, No 3, May 2009

Recent International Survey on Scripture: Reading the Bible, Who, When, Where, How, Why — by Sandro Magister, Vol. XIV, No. 3, May 2008

The Real Presence: Center of Faith and Witness


Pro-life leader explains why we must never "hide" the tabernacle, by John C. Willke, MD,

Vol. 5, 10


February 2000

The Reality of the Real Presence

, by Donald J. Keefe, SJ,

and an excerpt from

Mysterium Fidei

(Paul VI), The Physical Reality of Christ’s Body and Blood in the Eucharist

Realizing the Vision: A church that looks Catholic inside and out — Fr. John Dobrowski, Vol. XVII, No. 8, November 2011

Recovery of the Sacred – A Key Analysis of Liturgy Reform Now Online., Vol. XVII, No. 5, August 2011

The Recovery of the Sacred: How can we rekindle a sense of reverence and awe in Catholic worship? — by James Hitchcock, Vol. XVII, No. 2, April 2011

Recovery of the Sacred, Liturgy and the Loss of History by James Hitchcock — James Hitchcock’s analysis of the liturgical reform following the Second Vatican Council, Recovery of the Sacred, originally published in 1974 (Seabury Press), and reprinted in 1995 (Ignatius Press) remains both pertinent and timely., Vol. XII, No. 4, June 2006

Recycling the house of God — Two Old Churches Unite to Become One New Parishby Richard J. Gambla, Vol. XX, No. 6, September 2014

Redemptionis Sacramentum


Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments


On certain matters to be observed or to be avoided regarding the Most Holy Eucharist,

March 25, 2004.,

Vol X, No 5

, July-August 2004

The Rediscovery of the Liturgy of the Hours: The Mundelein Psalter — A New Resource for the Church’s Ancient Prayer, Vol. XIII, No. 1, March 2007

The Rediscovery of Musical TreasureSaint Cecilia Schola Cantorum Holds Gregorian Chant Workshop by Arlene Oost-Zinner, Vol. XII, No. 2, April 2006

Re-Enchanting the Mass — How beauty affects belief, by Alvin F. Kimel, Jr., Vol. XI, No. 9, December 2005-January 2006

As the "Liturgy Wars" fade….Reflections on Polarization — by Susan Benofy, Vol. XII, No. 10, February 2007

Regina Cæli

— Throughout the Easter Season — until Pentecost– the Regina


(Queen of Heaven) is said as the mealtime Angelus prayer. The "Hail Holy Queen" (Salve Regina),

Vol. IX, No. 3

, May 2003

Rejecting Adoration weakens faith, says Cardinal George


by David A. Murray,

Vol. 6, 4


June/July 2000

Remembering the Pius X School of Liturgical Music — by Lucy Carroll, Vol XVI, No. 9, December 2010 – January 2011

Renovated, Restored, RENEWED!

, St. Aloysius in New Canaan, CT restores sense of sacred to post-Vatican II "meeting house", by Anne Carey,

Vol. 4, 4

, July / August 1998

Re-pitching the Wrecking Ball

Feverish haste to remodel churches reflects radical renovation of theology, by Matthew Grantham,

Vol. VIII, 1

March 2002

The Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament from the Spirit of the Liturgy — by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI, Vol XVI, No. 7, October 2010

Responses to

Liturgiam authenticam


Vol. 7, 4

, June 2001

Restoring Beauty to Our Churches: A Success Story – How Holy Ghost parish achieved a sacred space for worship — Fr. Jay A. Finelli, Vol XVI, No. 10, February 2011

Restoring Sacred Architecture to a Higher PlaneWilliam Heyer works to draw faith communities heavenward. — by Trent Beattie, Vol. XX, No. 4., June-July 2014

Restoring Sacred Time — How the Liturgical Year deepens Catholic faith

. –

In his new book,

Ceremonies of the Liturgical Year According to the Modern Roman Rite

, Monsignor Peter Elliott presents a "manual for clergy and all involved in liturgical ministries" as a guide to the most important moments of the Church year from its beginning at Advent, through Christmas, Holy Week, and Corpus Christi to the solemnity of Christ the King.,

Vol. VIII, No. 7


October 2002

Rethinking the Responsorial


, by Andrew Brownell,

Vol. VI, No. 10


February 2001

Rethinking the Responsorial Psalm – Has it become a "Bull in a China Shop"? — by Lucy Carroll, Vol. XIV, No. 4, June 2008

Retrieving "A Treasure of Inestimable Value" — The Bishops’ Subcommittee on Music and the Directory of Music for Use in the Liturgy — by Susan Benofy, Vol. XII, No. 1, March 2006

Retro Tablum: The Origins of the Altarpiece by Daniel P. DeGreve, October 2013, XIX, No. 7

[Re]Turn to the East?


A young priest asks if it is time to consider a change in practice, by Father Thomas Kocik,

Vol. 5, 8


November 1999

Reverence at St. Charles Borromeo


by Father Lawrence Violette,

Vol. 5, 6

, September 1999

Reverence for the Eucharistic Liturgy: The External Forms and Internal Realities of the Liturgy,

by the Most Rev. John Keating,

Vol. 1, 2

, December 1995

Reverence, Music at Mass Top Readers’ Concerns – Report on the Adoremus Survey — compiled by Susan Benofy, Vol. XIV, No. 9, December 2008 – January 2009


Book Reviews:

My Catholic Prayer Book

Edited by The Rev. Victor Hoagland, CP: Regina Press, 2001, (Paper. Illustrated in color. 220 pp. $8.95)

The Little Catechism on Confession and The Little Catechism on the Holy Eucharist.

Compiled and published by Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska: 1996. (Small booklet format, paper. Illustrated. 72 / 70 pp. $1 each.)

Adoration: Eucharistic Texts and Prayers Throughout Church History

. Compiled by Daniel P. Guernsey. Ignatius Press: 1999 (Paper. 250 pp. $14.95)

I the Lord Am With You Always: Prayers and Meditations for Eucharistic Adoration

, Compiled by Christine McCarthy: McPhersons Printing Group, 1999. (Paper. Illustrated. 268 pp.)

Reflections on the Mysteries of the Rosary

, by Msgr. Adrian I. Dwyer. Dorrance, 2000. (Paper. 64 pp. $8.),

Vol.VIII, No 5

, July-August 2002

Review Essay: Challenging … Challenges — by The Rev. Neil J. Roy, Vol. XIV, No. 4, June 2008

Revised Adaptations to the

Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani

for the Church in the United States

– Effective April 25, 2002

An amended translation will be introduced at the November 2002 meeting of the USCCB for the bishops’ vote.,

Vol. VIII, No. 7

October 2002

The Revised Grail Psalms: New Liturgical Psalter Published by Conception Abbey and GIA Publications, Vol. XVII, No. 1, March 2011

The Revision of the Roman Liturgy: A Review


by Michael Dummett,

Vol. 3, 1

, March 1997

Revisiting "Liturgical Dance"

— Looking again at the thirty-year-old commentary of the Congregation for Divine Worship on "Religious Dance".,

Vol. X, No. 10

, February 2005

Revitalizing Liturgical Music — Recovering the Sacred: Church Music Association of America Colloquium 2007: "Six Days of Musical Heaven", Vol. XIII, No. 1, March 2007

Rite of Pius V Cannot Be Considered Defunct, Cardinal says

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, President of the Pontifical Commission

Ecclesia Dei,

celebrated Mass according to the Rite of Saint Pius V.,

Vol. IX, No. 4


June 2003

Ritus Narcissus: Why Do We Sing Ourselves and Celebrate Ourselves?


by Father Paul Scalia,

Vol. 5, 1

, March 1999

The Role of Liturgical Norms in the Eucharistic Celebration — by Cardinal Francis Arinze, Vol. XIV, No. 3, May 2008

The Roman Canon: The Homestead of the Family of God,

by Father Jerry Pokorsky,

Vol. 2, 4

, July/August1996

Roman Missal Translation Highlights: 1963-2009, Vol. XV, No. 9, December 2009 – January 2010

Roman Stational Churches: A Spiritual Guide Through Lent – by The Rev. Scott A. Haynes, SJC, Vol. XV, No. 1, March 2009

Rome, Feminism and Rebellion,

An E-mail Exchange,

Vol. 3, 1

, March 1997

The Roots of Modernist Church Architecture


by Duncan Stroik,

Vol. 3,7

, October 1997

Rosarium Virginis Mariae

On October 16, 2002, the 24th anniversary of his papacy, Pope John Paul II issued an apostolic letter on the Rosary,

Rosarium Virginis Mariae

, that included guidance for praying the Rosary and added five new Mysteries from the Life of Christ, called the "Mysteries of Light" (or luminous mysteries). [Only excerpts were printed in the



Vol. VIII, No 8


November 2002

The Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration

by Susan Benofy,

Vol. 5, 3

, May 1999

The Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration — by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy, Vol. XV, No. 7, October 2009

The Rosary of Our Lady

The author’s preface to

The Rosary of Our Lady

, part I, "The Form and Meaning of the Rosary" originally published in German in 1955.,

by Father Romano Guardini,

Vol. VIII, No 5

, July-August 2002

The Rosary of Our Lady

excerpt from the book,

The Rosary of Our Lady

by Fr. Romano Guardini,

Vol. IX, No. 3

, May 2003

The Rosary – A Prayer of and for Families, Vol. XI, No. 7, October 2005


Sacrament of Salt , by Sean Kinsella, Vol. 7, 6, September 2001

Sacramentum Caritatis — Sacrament of Love, Pope Benedict XVI, Apostolic Exhortation following the Synod on the Eucharist. February 22, 2007 – Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter., Vol. XIII, No. 2, April 2007

Sacred Architecture: Encountering the Beauty and Mystery of God — by Cardinal Justin Rigali, Vol. XVII, No. 1, March 2011

Sacred Art as a Pedagogical Tool — An Example from Rome: Caravaggio’s "The Calling of Saint Matthew" — by Matthew E. Peszek, Vol XV, No 3, May 2009

Sacred Art: The Imprint of God through Time — Style and Symbol Transcends Culture, History by Daniel Mitsui, September 2013
, Vol. XIX, No. 6

Sacred Art Points Catholic School Students to Deeper Reality by Alexandra Theis, Vol. XX, No. 2, April 2014

Sacred Liturgy: Uniting our Hearts and Voices to God — Pope Benedict XVI, Wednesday Audience, September 26, 2012, Vol XVIII, No. 8, November 2012

Sacred Music and the Liturgy — Signs of Hope for the Future, Musica Sacra Saint Louis Conference Report, by Brian Abel Ragen, Vol. XX, No. 2, April 2014

Sacred Music Colloquium XX: “Seven Days of Musical Heaven”by Jeffrey Tucker, Vol. XVI, No. 6, September 2010

Sacred Music in the Rockies: Chant Workshop in Colorado Springs Inspires Singers — by Larry Rutherford, Vol. XIV, No. 1, March 2008

Sacred Music — Time to Reconnect with Worship? by Richard Perrignon, Vol. XIII, No. 10, February 2008

Sacred Music Today: the Best of Times, the Worst of Timesby Carl E. Olson, November 2013, XIX, No. 8

Sacred Signs and Active Participation at Mass, by Father Cassian Folsom, OSB, Vol. 4, 3, May / June 1998

Sacred Signs and Religious Formation: An Application of the Teachings of Monsignor Romano Guardini — by Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB, Vol. XIV, No. 1, March 2008

Sacred Space: Rediscovering the Tradition, book review by Denis McNamara, Vol. 6, 5, August 2000

Sacrosanctum Concilium: The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Excerpts from Vatican II, Vol. 3, 6, September 1997 August 2000

Fifty years after the opening of the Second Vatican Council…. Sacrosanctum Concilium: What we have done, what we have failed to do — by Monsignor Andrew Wadsworth, Vol. XVIII, No. 9, December 2012-January 2013

Saints Cyril and Methodius – Models for Today — John Paul II, Vol. XIX, No. 10, February 2014

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem on the Creed, Vol XVI, No. 8, November 2010

Saint John FisherFidelity unto Death, English bishop and martyr offers example of heroic virtue., Vol.VIII, No.4 June 2002

Saint Joseph Prayer, Vol. XX, No. 1, March 2014

Saint Louis Bishop Dolan to head Milwaukee ArchdioceseBishop Timothy Dolan, who has been auxiliary bishop of Saint Louis for a year, was appointed archbishop of Milwaukee on June 25., Vol.VIII, No 5, July-August 2002

Saint Louis Eucharistic Congress draws 32,000, by Matthew Grantham, Vol. 7, 5-6, July / August 2001

Saint Luke Portrait of the Madonna, October 2013, XIX, No. 7

Saint Mark’s — A Liturgy Without Hymns, Is the liturgy at this great Venetian basilica what the Council had in mind?, by Joseph Swain, Vol. XII, No. 7, October 2006

Saint Nowhere’s by James Hitchcock, Vol. 3, 6, September 1997

Saint Peter Canisius on Liturgy, Personal Prayer, Vol. XVII, No. 1, March 2011

Saints Peter and Paul — Homily of Pope Benedict XVI — Saint Peter’s Basilica – June 29, 2006, Vol. XIII, No. 4, June 2007

Sanctus Bells –Their History and Use in the Catholic Church"Most Catholic Christians are familiar with Sanctus bells. Though the bells are still heard in many parishes, many wonder about them. Some long to hear their joyful sounds; and some erroneously believe their use during the Mass is now prohibited.", by Matthew Herrera, Vol. XI, No. 1, March 2005

Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus, by Hugh Ballantyne, Vol.VIII, No.4, June 2002

SCL Conference Focuses on Roman Missal — by Father Paul J. Keller, OP, Vol XV, No 2, April 2009

The Scandal of the Liturgy Review of Cardinal Ratzinger’s Spirit of the Liturgy, by Father Paul Scalia, Vol. VI, No. 9 December 2000 – January 2001

St. Louis Archbishop Appointed to Worship Congregation, Staff, Vol. 5, 5 , July / August 1999

St. Louis Archbishop Promotes Eucharistic Adoration, Staff, Vol. 3, 9
December 1997 / January 1998

Scripture and the New Evangelization: A Review of the Recent History of Vernacular Bibles, Lectionary — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol XVIII, No. 8, November 2012

Scripture as the Place of God’s Hope — Instilling Power — Pope Benedict XVI, Vol. XII, No. 1, March 2006

Scripture as the Place of God’s Hope-instilling Power, From A New Song for the Lord — by Pope Benedict XVI, Vol. XII, No. 3, May 2006

Selected Quotes on Sacred Song 1963-2003, Vol. XII, No. 1, March 2006

Selections from Papal Teaching on Adoration and the Eucharist, Vol. XV, No. 7, October 2009

Selling Bibles to Generation Y, by David A. Murray, Vol. 5, 9, December 1999 – January 2000

Shades of the Seventies: "Wonder Bread" Masses, "Real Food" vs "Real Presence"?; Illicit or Invalid?; Ecumenism, multiculturalism and theology., by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. VIII, 1, March 2002

The Sign of the Cross – Prefigured in history, this sign of faith, hope and love is fulfilled in Christ — by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI — Excerpt from the Spirit of the Liturgy, Part IV, Chapter 2, "The Body and the Liturgy", Vol. XVII, No. 10, February 2012

Signs and Wonders, by Anthony Corvaia, Jr., Vol. XI, No. 1, March 2005

Silence and the Sacred – Can we recover a sense of awe, of mystery at Mass?, Regaining intimacy-with-Our-Lord, a minute of silence, by Father Ralph Wright, OSB, Vol. VII, 9-10, December 2001- January 2002

Sing a New Song with Your Lives – The Promise of the New Edition of the Roman Missal — by Bishop James Conley, Vol XVI, No. 10, February 2011

Singing for the Supper or the Sacrifice? Liturgical Music and the Real Presence., by Lucy E. Carroll, Vol VIII, No 8, November 2002

Singing the Four Seasonal Marian Anthems — by Lucy Carroll, Vol. XIII, No. 6, July-August 2007

Singing the Mass – We cannot say that one Song is as Good as Another — by Susan Benofy, Vol. XIII, No. 8, November 2007

Singing the Mass: Liturgical Music as Participation in Christ by Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead, Vol. XVIII, No. 3, May 2012

The Sistine Chapel: A Story of Light and Salvation, Vol. XVIII, No. 9, December 2012-January 2013

So, You’re On the Parish Building Committee? Architectural Resources, by Denis McNamara, Vol. 4, 9, February 1999

Solemnity of the Lord’s Epiphany, Vol VIII, No 9, December 2002 – January 2003

The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe — Pope Benedict XVI, November 22, 2009, Vol XVIII, No. 8, November 2012

Some Reflections on the Art of "Lectoring" – To read Sacred Scripture to the members of the Christian community is to cultivate — and by cultivating to carry on — a tradition many thousands of years old., by Allen Brings, Vol VIII, No 8, November 2002

The Sound of a Catholic Communion: CMAA’s New Release: Communio: Communion Antiphon with Psalms — interview with Jeffrey Tucker, Vol. XIII, No. 5, July-August 2007

Spanish Cardinal Appointed Prefect of CDW, Vol. XIV, No. 10, February 2009

Encyclical Letter, SPE SALVI of the Supreme Pontiff, Benedict XVI to the Bishops, Priests and Deacons, Men and Women Religious and all the Lay Faithful, ON CHRISTIAN HOPE, November 30, 2007, Vol. XIII, No. 9, December 2007 – January 2008 and Vol. XIII, No. 10 February 2008

Special Report — USCCB November 2001 Meeting- Part I — US Bishops discuss Instruction; affirm Holy See’s liturgy critiques; send ICEL text back for repairs, by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. VII, 9, December 2001- January 2002

Special report on USCCB November 2001 meeting – Part II, Bishops revise American Adaptations for Institutio, transcribed by Susan Benofy and edited by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. VII, 10, February 2002

The Spirit of the Liturgical Movement, Through the Liturgy Man May Become What He Longs to Be ­ A Child of God, by Stratford Caldecott, Vol. 2, 8, December 1996

The Spirit of the Liturgy: What Will Pope Francis Do? — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XIX, No. 3, May 2013

The Spirituality of Sacred Music: What does it mean when the Church sings? — by The Rev. Scott A. Haynes, SJC, Vol. XIV, No. 7, October 2008

Standing or Kneeling During the Consecration? Some Parish Bulletins Go Astray, by Father Joseph Fessio, S.J., Vol. 1, 4, February 1996

The State of Art and Architecture Reform, Vatican II Did Not Intend the Destruction of Churches, by Monsignor Richard Schuler, Vol. 3, 2, April 1997

Statement by the USCCB Committee on Divine Worship on the Missal Translation: "There is a final text", Vol XVI, No. 9, December 2010 – January 2011

Stewards of the Tradition, Fifty Years after Sacrosanctum Concilium US Conference of Catholic Bishops — Committee on Divine Worship, Vol. XIX, No 9, December 2013-January 2014

Summa and Sacrament: Josef Pieper on the Thomistic Principles of Liturgical Reform by Lance Byron Richey, Vol. XIX, No. 1., March 2013

Survey on the New Missal Translation – Responses show more work is needed to restore reverence, beauty – by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol XVIII, No. 7, October 2012

Synod 2001 — World’s Bishops address papal primacy, role of bishops, "inculturation" (followed by quotes from Synod General Congregations), Highlights from Synod 2001, by James Hitchcock, Vol. VII, 8, November 2001

Synod of Bishops: A New Evangelization for Today’s World, Vol XVIII, No. 7, October 2012

Synod on the Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XIV, No. 3, May 2008

Synod on the Word of God: Lineamenta’s Introduction and Chapter 1, Vol. XIV, No. 4, June 2008

Synod on the Word of God: Lineamenta offers preview of synod’s studies — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XIV, No. 4, June 2008

Synod’s Relator General Summarizes Interventions for Final Phase: Questions Focus on Critical Issues in Conveying Word of God to Church, World, Vol. XIV, No. 8, November 2008


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