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Dec 31, 2007

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If the article is available online, you can click on the link to view the material. You may use the “Search” link to find a particular author, (Volume numbers turn over in March of each year.) If an article is not available online, you may request a copy of the issue in which it appeared ( e-mail ). Please include the title of the article, author and volume number. (Some issues are no longer available.) Due to the number of articles online we have broken down the Article Index Page, click below on the part of the alphabet you want to search.
















Nathan Mitchell to Address “Eucharist 2000” in Erie, by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. VI, No. 4, June/July 2000

National Sanctity of Human Life DayJanuary 2003, on line only

NCCB Approves ICEL Revision of Roman Missal Bishops’ Vote Signals “The End of the Beginning” — by Helen Hull Hitchcock,

Vol. II, No. 8

, December 1996

NCCB Report (November 1999 – Part I of II)


by Helen Hull Hitchcock,

Vol. IV, No. 8

, December 1998/ January 1999

The Need for Beautiful Churchesand some encouraging ideas and examples — Art Lohsen, Vol. XIX, No. 4, June-July 2013

New Adoremus Survey — Implementation of Redemptionis Sacramentum, Vol. XI, No. 4, June 2005

The New American Bible–A Voice From the Past


by Helen Hull Hitchcock,

Vol. IV, No. 3

, May/June 1998

New BCL Director Hopes for Dialogue on Liturgical Reform,


Vol. II, No. 6

, October 1996

New Church Architecture Journal Launched at Notre Dame

by David Aaron Murray,

Vol. IV, No. 9

, February 1999

New Church Builds on Tradition, Signals Future, St. John the Apostle Parish Blends Past with Present by Erik Bootsma, Vol. XVIII, No. 10, February 2013

New Committee for Divine Worship – USCCB Meeting, November 2007, Vol. XIII, No. 9, December 2007 – January 2008

New Covenant Pattern of Prayer


by Steven B. Clark,

Vol VII, No. 1,

March 2001

New “Custom” Can Create New Liturgical Law, says New Zealand priest,

Vol. IV, No. 9

, February 1999

“New Direction”for Chicago liturgical publishing firm



Vol VII, No. 6

, September 2001

A “New Era” in the Renewal of the Liturgy


by Helen Hull Hitchcock,

Vol VII, No. 4

, June 2001

The New Evangelization — Key Issue for Church — Pope Creates New Pontifical Council: Study for 2012 Synod of Bishops Released, Vol. XVII, No. 3, May 2011

New ICEL Statutes Signal Coming Changes

Unusual meeting prepares way for Missal in English — ”

Everything now appears to be in place for an accurate and beautiful English translation of the new Roman Missal…” — by Helen Hull Hitchcock,

Vol. IX, No. 8

, November 2003

New International Group Plans NRSV-based Lectionary — Bible Version “will need a certain amount of adaptation” to conform to liturgical norms, Vol. XII, No. 5, July-August 2006

New Lay Formation Institute to Open in Kansas CityA new diocesan program of lay formation and adult Catholic education has been established by Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph., Vol. XII, No. 4, June 2006

New Lectionary Review Process Reveals “Inclusivizing” Influence — Again — “We must not let forces outside of the Bishop’s Conference divide us”, bishop says… by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XI, No. 4, June 2005

New Liturgical Books Coming Soon

, Will the Vatican’s new Roman Missal affect ICEL’s “Pastoral  Introduction”?,

Vol. V, No. 7

, October 1999

New Liturgical Music Institute Honors Blessed John Henry Newman — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XVII, No. 7, October 2011

A New Liturgical Psalter for the United States Would Signal Progress in Reform — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XIV, No. 8, November 2008

New Liturgy Committee Head

— Archbishop Jerome Hanus, OSB Elected to replace Bishop Donald Trautman as BCL chairman, Vol. II, No. 8, December 1996

New Liturgy Rules Precede Missal


by Helen Hull Hitchcock,

Vol VI, No. 6-7

, Sept./Oct. 2000

New Mass Translation Accents Reverence and Awe — by Philip Lawler, Vol. XIV, No. 6, September 2008

The New Missal – Historic Moment in Liturgical Renewal — by Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli, Vol. XV, No.4, June-July 2009

The New Missal — Opening the Gateway to New Evangelization — by Bishop Arthur Serratelli — “Implementing the Third Edition of the Roman Missal: A Gateway to Mystery” was the title of the 2010 national meeting of the Federation Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC), held in Alexandria, Louisiana, October 5-8. The meeting was co-sponsored by the FDLC and the US Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship (BCDW). Bishop Arthur Serratelli of Paterson, New Jersey, chairman of the BCDW, addressed the meeting. Excerpts were published in the October 2010 Newsletter of the BCDW. The bishop’s complete address to the FDLC appears here with his kind permission., Vol XVI, No. 9, December 2010 – January 2011

New Retablo at San Juan Capistrano Shows Continuity with the PastArtisans in Spain Create New Art for Historic Spanish Mission in California — by Daniel Mitsui, Vol. XIII, No. 8, November 2007

New Romanesque Church Planned for Virginia Parish — New St. John’s in Leesburg, Virginia Respects Central Mystery of the Faith — by James P Lucier, Vol XVI, No. 9, December 2010 – January 2011, Vol XVI, No. 9, December 2010 – January 2011

A New Song for the Lord


book review by Kenneth Whitehead,

Vol. IV, No. 1

, February/March 1998

New Translation Guidelines Forthcoming? Disputed Instruction on Translation Stalls,

by Helen Hull Hitchcock,

Vol. III, No. 2

, April 1997

A New Way of Being Church: What Will Happen When God is “Re-imagined”?,

by Helen Hull Hitchcock,

Vol. II, No. 6

, October 1996

New Words in the New Translation and why we need to understand their deeper meaning – by Bishop Peter J. Elliott, Vol XVIII, No. 7, October 2012

New Zealand Bishops Issue “Gender Inclusive” Statement



Vol. III, No. 3

, May 1997

New Zealand Ex-Priest Translates Mass for ICEL: “We Seldom refer to God as Him or Father”



Vol. II, No. 9

, February 1997


“Differing Visions” — ASL a liturgical language? — We demand? — Celebrating consecrated life — Congressional Medal to Pope — Ecumenism askew


Vol. VI, No. 10


February 2001


— New Martyrology, Pope calls for Daily Rosary, Prayers of Adoration, Bishops on reverence for the Blessed Sacrament and Liturgists plan catechesis for changes in rules for Mass.,

Vol. VII, No. 8

, November 2001


— Parish priests “absolutely essential”, Holy Father says

Concerts in churches, Chant okay in commericals — why not in church?, Pope asks Catholics to Fast, Pray on December 14,

Vol. VII, No. 9

, December 2001- January 2002


— Former ICEL president (Archbishop Pilarczyk) receives FDLC award, notes “liturgical winter”. New group: “Catholic Academy of Liturgy” (Foley, Vosko, Ciferni).,

Vol. VII, No. 10


February 2002

News –

What of Holy Days?; Saving Catholic Art; Spinning the GIRM; Moves is Monterey; No problem with women priest, Irish bishop says; The norm is kneeling,

Vol. VIII, No. 1


March 2002


Latin Not Dead Yet -Enthusiasm for study jams web site; Archbishop wins “Common Ground” honor; “Shared Thoughts” on a better and stronger Church; ICEL secretary resigns – new consultants appointed; Campion College’s progress overcomes setback; Sed contra,

Vol. VIII, No 2

, April 2002


Extreme Teen Bible — TNIV “Inclusive” Bible stirs renewed controversy — Bishops to consider new Spanish Bible translation — Confessions during Mass — Sacred Art Academy,

Vol. VIII, No. 3


May 2002


“Pre-catechizing” on new liturgy rules — Kneeling “dissents from the mind of the Church”? — “Mr. Gregorian Chant”- New CDs of classic lectures — Confraternity to meet — Pope warns against “clericalization” of the laity — “This is a Catholic Church”,

Vol.VIII, No.4

June 2002


Tabernacle “too visible”, liturgist says — Catechism turns ten — Holy Father promotes Eucharistic Congresses — Young Writers Award Contest — Drenched texts unquenched,

Vol.VIII, No 5

, July-August 2002


Quirky: “Witch” gets okay for Catholic wedding — Quirkier: “Ordained” gals give themselves the gate — Quirkiest: Archbishop of Canterbury is a Druid — Los Angeles Cathedral Consecrated — Focus of FDLC Meeting: Eucharist and Communion,

Vol. VIII, 6


September 2002


Noted liturgist-editor dies: work helped “shape” parish liturgies — Woe to me if I integrate not thy native values… — Tonalities — Four receive awards for “contributions to pastoral liturgy” — Sacred Language “gratuitous”,

Vol. VIII, No. 7

October 2002


Lisa Tarker heads FDLC — Theological Commission Study Dismisses Ideas of Deaaconesses — Is this burial vault a link to Jesus? — “Christians eating God” shocks, repels, Anglican bishop says,

Vol VIII, No 8


November 2002


— BCL Orders Huck books removed from distribution — “Catechesis” on the Liturgy varies widely in US Dioceses — New Chant CD,

Vol VIII, No 9

, December 2002 – January 2003


– Comment on Compromise — Vatican to Issue Lexicon on Sex Terminology — ICEL on eBay Part II: “A tip of the old ICEL biretta…” — Vatican Issues Instructions for Catholic Politicians — Updates from the AB office — About WFF,

Vol VIII, No 10

, February 2003


Doctrine Committee to review outdated “devotional materials” — Liturgical progressives for preserving the status quo? — The Wind Beneath…? — Adoremus on the ‘net — ICEL on eBay Redux Redux… — Cardinal Arinze keynotes Denver Liturgy Conference,

Vol. IX, No. 1

, March 2003


— Detroit Cathedral: “for ecclesial and civic events” –New Missal’s Rubrics for the Easter Vigil — Long-delayed Ordination Rite Translation Approved — Singers Sought — Summer Chant Institute — When Did You Take down Your Christmas Tree? — Corrections,

Vol. IX, No. 2

, April 2003


Cardinal Arinze to Address FDLC Meeting; Bishop Trautman to Receive Award — Holy See’s reasons “trifling, insufficient” — “God is a Village” — Translation Problems in Germany, France,

Vol. IX, No. 3

, May 2003


Hard Rock, OSB — Rock-star Sinéad O’Connor wants to teach Religion — Vatican Revives Latin Study — Catholic U Showcases Bernstein “Mass” — Amy Vanderbilt on Liturgy — Bishops’ June Meeting — Correction,

Vol. IX, No. 4

June 2003


US to Offer Grants to Historic Churches — Blog on NPM Convention — Marier’s “Gregorian Chant Master Class” Released — Where can we get the GIRM?,

Vol. IX, No. 5

, July-August 2003


Cardinal Sodano Proposes Review of Post-conciliar Liturgical Reform — New CDW Secretary — Uniform Posture Important, Msgr. Moroney Tells Priests — Deconstructing Mary Magdalene — AB to Seminary Libraries,

Vol IX, No 6

, September 2003


Pope to Sign 2001 Synod Exhortation on October 16 — Luminous Mysteries Show Divine Nature of Jesus — Passions Run High over “The Passion”,

Vol. IX, No 7

, October 2003

News and updates from th Adoremus office

Progress Report from the Staff of Adoremus,

Vol. IX, No. 2

, April 2003

News – Views

Retro-fiends and Taliban –“A Time to Create, A Time to Recover”,

Vol IX, No 8

, November 2003

News – Views

CD Offers Jumpstart for the New Missal — Women Leaders Pick Trustworthy Bishops — Los Angeles: No Kneeling During Communion Rite,

Vol IX, No. 9

, December 2003 – January 2004

News – Views

Montreal Manifesto: “Sacred Meals”, Not Mass — Promoting Liberal Liturgists “central to NCR’s mission” — UK Liturgy Official: Recent Changes Not in the “Spirit of the Council” — Corrections,

Vol. IX, No. 10

February 2004

News & Views

Loss of Faith the Besetting Problem of the Church — Gospels “not historical accounts” Bishop Says — South African Archbishop, an ICEL Founder, Dies — Ave Maria U to Offer Sacred Music Degree — New Vatican Document to Encourage Use of Latin,

Vol X, No. 1

, March 2004

News & Views

— ICEL Prelates –International Eucharistic Congress in Guadalajara — Volume Marks 40th Anniversary of Council’s Constitution on Liturgy — Cardinal Arinze to Speak at Thomas Aquinas College Commencement — Homer Nods … — Favor or Grace,

Vol X, No 2 & 3

, April – May 2004

News & Views


Debunking Myths: Vatican Liturgical Dance Rivals “Cats”? — Georgetown: Crucifix Must Stay, Muslim Chaplain says — Consultation on Catechism Compendium Completed — New School in Venice Links East and West —

Vol X, No 4


June 2004

News & Views

Pope proclaims Year of the Eucharist, to begin in October | Liturgical Institute to sponsor conferences | ICEL progress on Missal,

Vol X, No 5

July-August 2004

News & Views

Pope Confers Knighthood on UN General Assembly President Hunte| Life Teen’s Liturgical Reform | Music Congress Observes 14th Centenary of Pope Saint Gregory the Great | Beauty Not “user -friendly”? | Women Religious Sponsor Eucharistic Congress | Pope to New Bishops:”Defend the hope of the faithful”,

Vol X, No 6

, September 2004

News & Views

— CDW Issues Handbook for the Year of the Eucharist | A Tale of Two Conferences,

Vol X, No 7

, October 2004

News & Views

— International Eucharistic Congress: Seven Conclusions | ICEL Update | Liturgists Still Push for Standing, More “EMs” | USCCB to Vote on Additions to Marriage Ritual, New Spanish Texts,

Vol. X, No 8

, November 2004

News and Views

— Pope Gives Ancient Relics to Orthodox Patriarch — Inculturation California style — “Progressive” Translation?,

Vol X, No 9

, December 2004-January 2005

News & Views

Pope Grants Plenary Indulgence for the Year of the Eucharist — Holy See Approves National Directory for Catechesis — Folk-religions and Peace Focus of Vatican Forum — New Roman Martyrology Lists 7,000 Saints and Blesseds — Attention Teachers, Parents, Students… — Catholic Aid for Tsunami Disaster Victims,

Vol X, No. 10

, February 2005

News & Views

– Bishop Lynch to FDLC: “Enough already” — Swiss Bishops on Lay Preaching — Chicago Conference: “The Lost Language of Vatican II” — Cardinal Arinze to Address St. Louis Liturgy Conference,

Vol. XI, No. 1

, March 2005

News & Views

CDW Plenary Session: Approval of texts a topic | Vox Clara Sees “Impressive Improvements” | Music Colloquium at Catholic University | Gregorian Chant Workshops at St. Michael’s Institute,

Vol. XI, No. 2

, April 2005

News & Views — BCL Proposes Missal Modifications — ICEL Sends New Missal Draft to Bishops_on CD — Pope Benedict Confirms Dates, Officials, for Synod on Eucharist — WYD “Traditionalist” Events, Vol XI, No. 4, June 2005

News & Views — Compendium of the Catechism Published — Beatification Initiated — Lost in Translation? — Survey Info Being Processed, Vol XI, No. 5, July-August 2005

News & Views — “The Medina Years” Focus of Liturgy Conference | Synod Working Document Includes Problems, Proposals for Correction | Liturgical Institute Schedules Spring 2006 Conference | Sacred Music Colloquium Held at CUA – page 2, Vol. XI, No 6, September 2005

News & Views — Synod’s Bishops, Experts, Auditors | Synod — Vatican News | US Bishops to Review ICEL’s Latest Missal Translation | ICEL Sold on eBay — Again!, Vol. XI, No 7, October 2005

News & Views — Cardinal Arinze’s 40th Anniversary as Bishop | CBA 2005:“Fundamentalistic” Bible Studies in Schools; Revised NAB Old Testament Awaits Approval | CBA Task Force Struggles to Extract Meaning | USCCB to Certify “Directors of Music Ministries”, says NPM | “Co-workers in the Vineyard” on USCCB Docket

News & Views — Cardinal Arinze’s 40th Anniversary as Bishop | CBA 2005:“Fundamentalistic” Bible Studies in Schools; Revised NAB Old Testament Awaits Approval | CBA Task Force Struggles to Extract Meaning | USCCB to Certify “Directors of Music Ministries”, says NPM | “Co-workers in the Vineyard” on USCCB Docket, Vol. XI, No 8, November 2005

News & Views — Monsignor Frederick McManus – 1923-2005, Vol. XI, No 9, Dec 2005 – Jan 2006

News & Views — Archbishop Sambi Is New US Papal Nuncio | CDW, Pope, Correct Neocatechumenal Novelties | New Secretary at CDW, Vol. XI, No. 10, February 2006

News & Views — Vatican Events to Mark Anniversary of John Paul II’s Death| Liturgy Conference to Honor Pope John Paul II | Catechism Compendium Published in English | Two New Cardinals for US Makes Three from LA, Vol. XII, No. 1, March 2006

News & ViewsPope Not “Patriarch of the West”? | Czech Bishop Bans Secular Concerts in Churches | Steady Progress, But No “Ecclesiastical Hammer” | CMAA Summer Music Colloquium, Vol. XII, No. 2, April 2006

News & Views: What Did Judas Do? | Judas “Beyond Patching” | Pope, New Coptic Patriarch Reaffirm “Full Communion” | Ecclesia Dei Commission – New Cardinal Members, Vol. XII, No. 3, May 2006

News & ViewsMissal Translation: Unusual Attention Before Vote | Holy See Restricts Father Maciel | Anti-Catholic Lies Nothing New, Vol. XII, No. 4, June 2006

News & ViewsFCS Convention: Sacrosanctum Concilium and the Reform of the Liturgy | Cantemus Domino! | BCL to Hold Consultation on Music and Liturgy | SCL Conference: “The Sacraments of Healing” | African Congress to Promote the Liturgy  | Sistine Concert Honors Pope — An Authentic Renewal of Sacred Music, Vol. XII, No. 5, July-August 2006

News & Views — Vox Clara Meets on Mass Translations, Vol. XII, No. 6, September 2006

News & ViewsPope Benedict on Faith and Reason | No more “Saginaw Blessing” | FDLC Meets in Omaha, Vol. XII, No. 7, October 2006

News & ViewsVox Clara Reports Progress with Missal Translation | BCL Consults on Revising MCW | FDLC on MCW: Don’t Change!, Vol. XII, No. 8, November 2006

News and ViewsBuild the House of God With Men, Holy Father Says | Pope’s New Book on the Life of Jesus Coming Soon | AMU Seeks Music Faculty Member | Chant for the Church and the World, Vol. XII, No. 9, December 2006 – January 2007

News & Views — 2008 Synod of Bishops: The Word of God | US Bishops To Review More Missal Texts | Scottish Schola Revives Gregorian Chant, Vol. XII, No. 10, February 2007

News & Views: In Pursuit of English Scriptureby Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XIII, No. 1, March 2007

News & ViewsVox Clara: “a swift completion” — please! | Ratio Translationis Still “coming soon” | Father Anthony Ward, SM, New Undersecretary of CDW | New Shrine of the Sacred Heart for Saint Louis Cathedral Basilica, Vol. XIII, No. 2, April 2007

News & Views — Mundelein Retreat for Church Musicians | Lumen Christi Institute Symposium | Sacred Music Chant Workshop in Stamford, Vol. XIII, No. 3, May 2007

News & Views — Cardinal Addresses Bishops in Brazil on Pre-Conciliar Liturgy | Congress on Latin and the Cultural Identity of Europe | Liturgy and Little Green Apples | More ICEL Missal Translations Appear, Vol. XIII, No. 4, June 2007

News & Views — Jesus of Nazareth Transmits a Lifetime of Learning | Bishop’s “Fiery Language” Makes National News | Adding Saints to the Universal Calendar | Philadelphia Schola Seeks Singers, Vol. XIII, No. 5, July-August 2007

News & ViewsAdoremus Conference in California | Priest Training for Singing the Mass | Liturgical Institute: Workshop for Parishes, Vol. XIII, No. 6, September 2007

News & Views — Adoremus Conference | New Chant Recording from Father Waddell | Voice from the Past? | Gregorian Chant and Polyphony — Sacred Music Workshop | Preaching Workshop at Liturgical Institute | Music Director Needed, Vol. XIII, No. 7, October 2007

News & Views — Pope Benedict Writes Encyclical on Hope | Former Benedictine Abbot to Head New Liturgical Institute in Tulsa | Two New US Cardinals Named, Vol. XIII, No. 8, November 2007

News and Views — Music News | Cardinal Danneels Lectures on Liturgy, Vol. XIII, No. 9, December 2007 – January 2008

News and Views: New Year, New Building for Monks | Vox Clara: Latest Missal Report | ICEL Progress Report: Revised Missal Translations Near Completion, Vol. XIII, No. 10, February 2008

News & ViewsBaptisms in Sistine Chapel | CDF on Baptism | Prayer for the Jews, Vol. XIV, No. 1, March 2008

News and Views — Philadelphia Seminarians to learn 1962 Missal | CMAA Colloquium at Loyola Chicago | Liturgy Conference: Invitation for Papers, Vol. XIV, No. 2, April 2008

News and Views — Teach, Bishop, Teach! | Unholy Grail?, Vol. XIV, No. 3, May 2008

News & Views — Ireland: International Liturgy Conference | Canberra Prelate: Liturgy Entering “New Phase” | Quebec: International Eucharistic Congress | CDF on Ordination: What Part of No…? | Conversion of Saint Paul to Be Observed on a Sunday in 2009, Vol. XIV, No. 4, June 2008

News & Views — Distant Early Warning: Translation Hazards | Example for Bishops and All Believers | Bishops are Liturgists, Vol. XIV, No. 5, July-August 2008

News and Views — Archbishop Ranjith to Address Saint Louis Liturgy Conference | The Bible and the Liturgy Conference | Music Workshop in Gregorian Chant | Who Would Not Love This Music? | National Catholic Youth Choir Update, Vol. XIV, No. 6, September 2008

News and Views — Pope Explains Summorum Pontificum to French Bishops | PCED Cardinal Comments… | Gregorian Chant and Polyphony Workshop | ICEL Reports Work on Missal Completed | Pro Orantibus: A Day “For Those Who Pray”, Vol. XIV, No. 7, October 2008

News and Views — “The Bible Day and Night” Televised During the Synod on the Word of God | USCCB, Vatican Synod Reports on Web | Musical Offerings: St. Louis Institute of Sacred Music | Architect Addresses Liturgical Institute, Vol. XIV, No. 8, November 2008

News & Views — Archbishop Ranjith Addresses Gateway Liturgical Conference | What Can’t Catholics Understand? | SCL Conference on Roman Missal, Vol. XIV, No. 9, December 2008 – January 2009

News & ViewsStilled Voices: Father Chrysogonus Waddell; Cardinal Avery Dulles; Father Richard John Neuhaus | Australian Bishops Approve All ICEL Texts; Prepare for New Missal, Vol. XIV, No. 10, February 2009

News and Views — Legionaries Face Founder’s Flaws | Women’s Religious Orders to be Studied by Holy See | Catholic Youth Choir Camp | Now: iBreviary on iTunes for iPhones, Vol. XV, No. 1, March 2009

News & Views — Anthology: Chants and Polyphony from St. Michael’s Abbey | Liturgy Conference in Ireland | Sacred Music Study Sessions Scheduled | Italy Returns Church to Russian Orthodox, Vol XV, No 2, April 2009

News and Views Msgr. William Smith, Dunwoodie Dean, Dies | TAC President Dies in Car Accident | USCCB Meets with Publishers on Missal | New ICEL Executive Director Named | FCS 2009 National Convention, Vol XV, No 3, May 2009

News and ViewsEmended Missale Romanum Issued | Year for Priests Begins June 19, Anniversary of the “Curé of Ars” | Pope Visits Holy Land | USCCB June Meeting, Vol. XV, No 4, June-July 2009

News and Views — Charity in Truth: Human Dignity and Social Concerns | Pope and US President Meet in Rome | Twelfth Annual William Byrd Festival, Vol. XV, No 5, August 2009

News and Views — Bishops Launch Missal Formation Web Site — and Health Care Reform Section | FCS 2009 Convention | Benefit Gala for Canons Regular of St. John Cantius | Chant Workshop for Deacons, Vol. XV, No. 6, September 2009

News & Views — Vox Clara News | Synod on Eastern Catholic Churches | Pope Benedict to Meet with Artists | Dublin: International Eucharistic Congress, Vol. XV, No. 7, October 2009

News & Views — US Bishops to Vote on Liturgy Texts at November Meeting in Baltimore | Synod for Africa: US Participants | Tulsa Priest Is New Assessor at Vatican Secretariat of State | Canadian Bishop – Liturgist Resigns | CMAA Holds “Chant Pilgrimage” at National Shrine, Vol. XV, No. 8, November 2009

News & Views: NCYC in KC | Pope, Artists Meet at Sistine Chapel | Compendium on the Eucharist Published | Music Can Become Prayer, Pope Says | 2010 Catholic Youth Choir Summer Camp, Vol. XV, No. 9, December 2009 – January 2010

News & Views — The New Missal Texts and the “Voice of the People”?, Vol. XV, No. 10, February 2010

News and Views — Vox Clara Missal Review | Workshops on Missal Planned for US Clergy and Diocesan | CMAA Plans 2010 Chant Colloquium | Colloquium on Sacred Music – Video and CD | Conference on Music, Liturgy at Collegeville | Clergy Holds Liturgy Conference in Rome, Vol. XVI, No. 1, March 2010

News and ViewsSacred Architecture Symposium at CUA | Pope Benedict XVI and Sacred Music Conference in Ireland | CMAA Colloquim XX | St. Louis Institute of Sacred Music – Many Resources, Vol. XVI, No. 2, April 2010

News & Views — Vatican Approves English Missal Translation | Vox Clara Presents — Dvd On New Roman Missal | ICEL Chants for Mass | Archbishop Aymond on Liturgy Changes | Bishops Give Directives on Tabernacle Placement | Gestures & Postures at Mass, Vol. XVI, No.3, May 2010

News and Views: Journal on Church Architecture | “Sacred, Beautiful, Universal” on EWTN | Pope on “Offering up” | A New Alliance?, Vol XVI, No. 4., June 2010

News & Views — Cardinal Paul Augustin Mayer | Adoremus Hymnal – Work on Revision Begins | New Choral Music Project | CMAA: Chant at the Cathedral | Pope Creates Council for the New Evangelization, Vol XVI, No. 5, July-August 2010

News and Views — Pope Benedict’s “Working Holiday”: Writing Books | Pope to Proclaim Gaudí’s “Holy Family” Church a Basilica | Delegate Appointed to Oversee Legionaries Reform | Catholic Scholars: The Church in America, Vol. XVI, No. 6, September 2010

News and Views — Liturgy Convention in Sri Lanka | St. Louis Liturgy Conference on Missal coming in November | Conference on Canon Law Held in LaCrosse, Vol XVI, No. 7, October 2010

News and ViewsSolesmes Abbey Observes Millennium | A Musical Offering: The Office of Compline | New Music for the New Missal Texts | SCL Conference | Catholics, Orthodox Discuss Future Unity, Date of Easter, Vol XVI, No. 8, November 2010

News & Views 500 Attend St. Louis Liturgy Conference | ICEL Presents “Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ” | Two New American Cardinals | New Members of USCCB Committee on Divine Worship | Update on the Revised Grail Psalter | Anglican Ordinariate, Vol XVI, No. 9, December 2010 – January 2011

News and Views — Pope John Paul II to Be Beatified May 1 | Ordinariate Erected for England and Wales | Four US Prelates to New Curial Posts | New Music Director for Saint Louis | CMAA – 2011 Winter Chant Intensive | Allentown Gregorian Chant Workshop | Musica Sacra St. Louis Conference Planned | ICEL Posts Mass Music on Web, Vol XVI, No. 10, February 2011

News and Views: Pope Benedict’s Jesus of Nazareth: Part Two Released in March | NABRE Bible Appears | Missal Publishers | Video Tutorial for ICEL Mass Chants | SCL Conference on the Roman Ritual | Liturgy Conference in Ireland, Vol. XVII, No. 1, March 2011

News & Views — From Adoration to Evangelization | Weak Masses, Weak Faith, Cardinal Say | Missal Implementation in England, Wales, Scotland and Australia, Vol. XVII, No. 2, April 2011

News and Views: October 22 – Feast Day for Blessed John Paul | Priests’ Retreat on Liturgy & Spirituality | New from Norbertines: Gregorian Requiem | “YouCat” Errors to be Corrected by CDF | Scottish Bishops: New Missal Translation a Gift | Canada: New English Missal Readied | Symposium on Council and Continuity | CMAA Colloquium: Chant, Sacred Music and the New Missal, Vol. XVII, No. 3, May 2011

News and Views: CBCEW: New Missal, Friday Abstinence | FDLC Convention on Multiculturalism | Mass for Artists in New York City | Next issue – August 2011, Vol. XVII, No. 4, June- July 2011

News and Views — US Bishops Decide New Mass Music May Be Used in September | Australia Introduces New Mass Translation | Irish Bishops on New Missal Texts | St. Louis Eucharistic Congress and Corpus Christi Celebration | Pope to Hear Confessions at World Youth Day | Conference on Council and Continuity | New Liturgical Music Institute to Honor Cardinal Newman, Vol. XVII, No. 5, August 2011

News and Views — Conference on Missal for Parishioners | Cardinal Cañizares on Receiving Communion | New Missal Editions for Personal Use | LTP Publishes Order of Mass Worship Aids | How to Dispose of Liturgical Books | November Surprise? Who Knows? | English Missal Sites | Vox Clara – More Work | Chicago Church to Move — Brick by Brick, Vol XVII, No 6, September 2011

News and ViewsUS Bishops: Prayer for Conscience Rights | Prayers, Glossary for New Missal | Introduction of New Missal in Melbourne | Pope Amends Duties of Curial Congregation | New Enthronement of the Sacred Heart Book, Vol. XVII, No. 7, October 2011

News & Views — New Nuncio to the US named | “Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace” Meet in Assisi | USCCB to Consider Adding Blessed John Paul II Feast in US | Pope Addresses Australian Bishops on Faith, New Missal | Leaders for Synod on Evangelization Chosen, Vol. XVII, No. 8, November 2011

News & Views Restoring the Words, Beauty, and Truth | Symposium on the Language of Liturgy

The Editors