Dec 31, 2007

Archive Reports on the NCCB/USCCB Meetings

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June 2014
US Bishops Focus on Family, Religious Freedom at Spring Meeting, by Helen Hull Hitchcock, June 18, 2014, links to story in The Catholic World Report

November 2009

US Bishops Approve Missal Texts – Next Challenges: Catechesis for Missal, New Lectionary — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

June 2009

USCCB June Meeting: Bishops Discuss, Vote on Missal Texts — More to Come

November 2008

USCCB Report — November 2008: During Intense Meeting, Bishops Act on Three Liturgy Items — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

June 2008

Bishops Reopen Consultation Process After Translation For Proper of Seasons Fails to Meet Two-Thirds Majority — USCCB News Release – July 7, 2008

USCCB June 2008 Meeting: Bishops Debate and Vote on Missal Texts — Second of Twelve Segments Presented at June Meeting: Vote Inconclusive

November 2007

USCCB November Meeting — Bishops Approve Three Liturgy Items at Busy Baltimore Meeting — by Helen Hull Hitchcock, December 2007-January 2008

New Committee for Divine WorshipDecember 2007-January 2008

USCCB November Meeting — Bishops to Consider Three Liturgy Action Items — by Helen Hull Hitchcock – November 2007

November 2006 – Music, Translations

2006 USCCB Meeting — Bishops Vote for Music Directory and New Revised LectionaryFirst guidelines for approval of music texts; Advent Readings — by Susan Benofy

June 2006 — Mass Translations, Catholics & Politics Task Force

Brief Report on USCCB meeting – June 20, 2006

May 2006 — Vol. XII, No. 3

Bishops to Vote on Mass Translation
ICEL Texts for Order of Mass, Amendments, Adaptations to be Considered at June 2006 Meeting

Procedures for Liturgy Actions at June 2006 USCCB Meeting

Cardinal Arinze to US Bishops on Translation (June 2006 Meeting) — The text of a letter sent by Cardinal Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, to Bishop William Skylstad, president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, following a meeting of Conference leaders with the Congregation in April. In the letter, Cardinal Arinze stresses that translations of liturgical texts must conform to Liturgiam authenticam, the Holy See’s 2001 Instruction on translation.

November 2005 — Mass Translations

December 2005-January 2006, Vol. XI, No. 9

USCCB November 2005 Meeting

Bishops Discuss Mass Translations
Transcription of the discussion of ICEL’s draft Mass texts at USCCB November 2005 meeting

June 2005 —

July-August 2005, Vol. XI, No. 5

USCCB June 2005 Meeting Report — Bishops Defer Decision on Missal Adaptations
By Helen Hull Hitchcock

November 2004 —

December 2004 – January 2005, Vol. X, No. 9

Bishops Send Mixed Signals at USCCB November 2004 Meeting — Highlights of the USCCB Annual Meeting by Helen Hull Hitchcock

November 2003 —

Vol. IX, No. 9: December 2003 – January 2004

US Bishops’ November Meeting: Documents for Priestless Sundays, Concelebration, Devotions approved — Among the several documents introduced to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops at their semi-annual plenary meeting held in Washington, DC, November 10-13, were three documents relating to the Liturgy and worship by Helen Hull Hitchcock

June 2003 —

USCCB June Meeting Special Report
As Sex-abuse Controversy Continues, Conference Plans Four New Documents
Bishops authorize vote in favor of revised ICEL Statutes

November 2002 —

November USCCB Meeting:
Bishops Approve Revised Translations, Lectionary Review; Consider Latest Proposal for New ICEL Statutes

June 2002 —

November 2001 —

Vol. VII, No. 9: December 2001 – January 2002 

Special Report – USCCB November 2001 Meeting
US Bishops discuss Instruction; affirm Holy See’s liturgy critiques; send ICEL text back for repairs

Belleville bishop to head USCCB, Committee chairmen elected

June 2001 —

Vol. VII, No. 3: May 2001

Bishops to “Adapt” Liturgy Rules

Vol. VII, No. 5-6: July-August 2001

Bishops propose Liturgy adaptations for US; issue statement on Real Presence
New US rules for Communion in both species proposed

November 2000 —

Vol. VI, No. 9: December 2000 – January 2001

Bishops back “Built of Living Stones”
Liturgy menu includes “Age of Confirmation”, Mexican texts
Bishops’ discussion of new guidelines on architecture

June 2000 —

Vol. VI, No. 4: June/July 2000

Bishops discuss ICEL future (Part I)
by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy

Vol. VI, No. 5: August 2000

US Bishops examine ICEL plans
Revision of new ICEL Constitution to be reviewed
by member conferences, Holy See
Part II (of III)

Vol. VI, No. 8: November 2000

Origin of ICEL’S “Original Texts”
(Part III of III)

November 1999 —

Vol. V, No. 9: December 1999-January 2000
Special Edition  

NCCB November 1999 Meeting –
Bishops’ Discussion of Draft Document Domus Dei Stresses Sense of Sacred

June 1999 —

November 1998 Liturgy, Ascension Thursday and age of Confirmation, Restructing the Conference

Vol. IV, No. 8: December 1998/January 1999

NCCB Report (Part I of II)
Bishops Elect Officers, Approve “Patchwork” for Moving Ascension Thursday to Sunday, Continue Debate on Age of Confirmation

Vol. IV, No. 9: February 1999

Bishops Mull Restructuring
Part II of II – Conclusion

June 1998 Translation, Lectionary for Mass

Vol. IV, No. 4: July/August 1998

US Bishops’ Vote on Lectionary Revisions Signals Renewed Cooperation

November 1997

June 1997

Vol. III, No. 3: May 1997

Bishops to See Revised Lectionary Translation in June by Staff

Vol. III, No. 5: July-August 1997

Enigma Variations: The Bishops’ Debate Over Liturgy Revisions
by Staff

November 1996

Vol. II, No. 8: December 1996

NCCB Approves ICEL Revision of Roman Missal Bishops’ Vote Signals “The End of the Beginning” — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

New Liturgy Committee Head — Archbishop Jerome Hanus, OSB Elected to replace Bishop Donald Trautman as BCL chairman.

Vol. II, No. 7: November 1996

Bishops to Vote on ICEL’s Final Mass Revisions: Sacramentary Segments VII, VIII

June 1996, Liturgy, Translations

Vol. II, No. 4: July/August 1996

Liturgy Occupies Bishops at Spring Meeting
ICEL revisions of Roman Missal near comp

November 1995

Vol. I, No. 2: December 1995

No Critics Need Apply
Bishops Approve Segment Four at November Meeting

by Richard Hough

June 1995, Translations

Vol. I, No. 1: November 1995

ICEL Texts Face Resistance
Disaffection with Translation Widespread among Bishops
by Thomas M. Rearly

November 1993

Originally printed in Voices (, Vol IX: Documentary Supplement
April 1994   — NCCB Debate on Liturgical Revisions What the bishops said…

This is a transcription of the US Bishops’ discussion in November 1993 of proposed new liturgical translations, translation principles, and the Grail Psalter-Inclusive Language Version (they did not approve this version of the Grail Psalter for liturgical use.)


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