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Oct 15, 2007

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Online Edition: October 2007
Vol. XIII, No. 7

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News & Views — Adoremus Conference | New Chant Recording from Father Waddell | Voice from the Past? | Gregorian Chant and Polyphony — Sacred Music Workshop | Preaching Workshop at Liturgical Institute | Music Director Needed

Chant: Music for the Few? Or the Many? — A slightly light-hearted look at the history and usage of Gregorian chant — by Lucy Carroll

Teens and Chant in the Mass — by W. Patrick Cunningham

The Chabanel Psalms: New and Better Psalms for Your Parish — An Interview with Jeffrey Ostrowski

All or Many — "Pro Multis" translated… — by James Hitchcock

Readers’ Forum — Observing Rules | Digital Organs | St. Joseph Foundation | EMs and the Tabernacle | Give Us this Day | Lead Us Not | Latin Clarification | Rosary Mysteries | Children’s Mass and Responsorial Psalms | Hope for Things to Come…


October — The Month of the Rosary

The Rosary of the Virgin Mary, which gradually took form in the second millennium under the guidance of the Spirit of God, is a prayer loved by countless saints and encouraged by the Magisterium. Simple yet profound, it still remains, at the dawn of this third millennium, a prayer of great significance, destined to bring forth a harvest of holiness…

Proclaiming Christ with Mary
The Rosary is also a path of proclamation and increasing knowledge, in which the mystery of Christ is presented again and again at different levels of the Christian experience. Its form is that of a prayerful and contemplative presentation, capable of forming Christians according to the heart of Christ. When the recitation of the Rosary combines all the elements needed for an effective meditation, especially in its communal celebration in parishes and shrines, it can present a significant catechetical opportunity which pastors should use to advantage. In this way too Our Lady of the Rosary continues her work of proclaiming Christ. The history of the Rosary shows how this prayer was used in particular by the Dominicans at a difficult time for the Church due to the spread of heresy. Today we are facing new challenges. Why should we not once more have recourse to the Rosary, with the same faith as those who have gone before us? The Rosary retains all its power and continues to be a valuable pastoral resource for every good evangelizer.

From Rosarium Virginis Mariae
Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II
October 16, 2002



Lucy E. Carroll

Lucy Carroll, organist and choir director at the Carmelite monastery in Philadelphia, teaches at the Westminster Choir College in Princeton. She frequently contributes essays on Catholic music to AB, and is the creator of the “Churchmouse Squeaks” cartoons regularly featured in these pages. In Memoriam: Dr. Lucy E. Carroll, DMA