May 15, 2007

Table of Contents

Online Edition – May 2007

Vol. XIII, No. 3

Table of Contents

News & Views — Mundelein Retreat for Church Musicians | Lumen Christi Institute Symposium | Sacred Music Chant Workshop in Stamford

Lineamenta Presented for 2008 Synod — Twelfth World Synod of Bishops: "The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church"

Monsignor Richard Schuler— December 30, 1020 – April 20, 2007– Church loses Sacred Music Champion

Sacramentum Caritatis

Why is Limbo in the Limelight? by Helen Hull Hitchcock

The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die without being Baptized

Readers’ ForumAbout the “Core Repertoire” of Sacred Music | Look on the Bright Side | Mass and Liturgy of the Hours | Applause and Communal Penance | Candles and Adoration | Paschal Candle | Performing the Passion | Shaker Songs? | Rite of Sprinkling | Douay-Rheims



Our goal is to honor and to foster a greater understanding of the rich liturgical traditions of the Catholic Church, and to answer the most important questions in the matters of faith.

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