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Feb 15, 2007

Table of Contents

Online Edition – February 2007

Vol. XII, No. 10

Table of Contents

News & Views — 2008 Synod of Bishops: The Word of God | US Bishops To Review More Missal Texts | Scottish Schola Revives Gregorian Chant

What Words Will We Use in God’s Word? – Challenges & Concerns in Scripture Translations for the Liturgy — by Father Ralph Wright, OSB

Wandering in the Desert – After forty years, we still seek the musical Promised Land — by Anthony Corvaia, Jr.

Chant Resources for Parishes

Readers’ Forum Standing Command | “Liturgical Bible” | Follow-up on Veneration | Liturgical Questions | Hierarchy of Chants | Following Rules | About the Pueri Cantores – Young Singers

As the "Liturgy Wars" fade….Reflections on Polarization — by Susan Benofy



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