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Nov 15, 2006

Table of Contents

Online Edition – November 2006
Vol. XII, No. 8

Table of Contents

If You do not build the house, in vain do its builders labor:
We beseech You to inspire with Your Holy Spirit all those who labor to build up your sacred house,
That Your people may worship truly and fully,
May worthily receive Your Holy Sacraments,
And thus be filled with the abundant grace obtained through these sacred gifts.
This we ask through Christ, Our Lord. Amen

Opening Prayer from the
Novena for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy


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Eucharist: Remembering, Giving Thanks — Homily for Votive Mass of the Holy Eucharist, Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Convention 2006 by Bishop Robert Finn

US Must Observe General Law on Purifying Sacred Vessels After Mass — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Post-Synodal Document on Eucharist Expected Soon — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Are There Lessons for Today in Twelfth-Century Sacred Music? — by Father Chrysogonus Waddell

USCCB to Meet in Baltimore: Lectionary Revisions; Directory for Approval of Music Proposed

Vatican II and Musicam Sacram — Revisiting the Principles, Rethinking the Paradigms, Renewing the Liturgy by Edward Schaefer

Readers’ Forum Friends or Disciples | What’s Wrong with a Little Sentimental Piety? | House of Prayer? | “Lord of the Dance” | Applause at Mass | Gregorian Chant at St. Mark’s | Responsorial Psalm Choices | Substituting Chants

May Instituted Acolytes fill Chalices at the Altar?

Pope Benedict XVI — The Apostles’ Creed — What do we believe? We believe in God, who is the Beginning and End of human life.



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